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YUGE: Pres. Donald Trump’s Bigly Press Conference

Full Replay/Transcript: Trump Combative Press Conference With Reporters

Trump Eats The Press: Trump goes on marathon rant against the mediaAs you can imagine the hysteria of the MSM followed…


‘You did this to yourself’! No, Chuck Todd, you don’t get to blame Trump for this; Updated

Limbaugh: Trump Triumphs Over Press

WATCH: Fox News’ Shep Smith FLIPS after Trump slams media at presser

Trump-a-Geddon? Sally Kohn just witnessed ‘the downfall of the republic’

Panic button = PUSHED: Trump’s presser makes Dem reps sound alarm for emergency nuke measure

Tapper Bemoans Trump Press Conference Tack — You ‘Legitimately Won’ Presidency, ‘Get to Work and Stop Whining About It’


OH, THAT’S DEPLORABLE: Donald Trump is freezing out the mainstream media. That should terrify you.

Quoted by Ace of Spades, who also has plenty of thoughts on the above headline, that’s from Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, an institution that used to allow its employees to wear buttons that said “Yeah, I’m In The Media. Screw You,” so you’ll pardon me if I feel less than terrified. But perhaps therapy is in order for the DNC-MSM, now that the folie à deux is over.

Media Has Group Snit Over Katie Pavlich Getting to Ask a Question

Drudge might need to up that number after today’s presser…



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