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Food for Thought On The Flynn Resignation Dust-Up…

What National Security Advisor Michael Flynn did was not wrong, and it was done prior to the Trump administration.
Not being totally up front with VP Pence was wrong.
Michael Flynn was not ‘fired’, he resigned.
Michael Flynn might have survived this, but the MSM, who are in full alliance with the Obama sabotaging of the Trump administration, would never let it go, even though they never had any such concerns over:

Ted Kennedy in the 80s asking the Soviets to interfere in our election.
Nancy Pelosi traveling to Syria to high-five with al Assad against Pres. Bush’s direct order.
The democrat congressmen who traveled to Iraq ahead of the Iraq war.
The democrat CBC’s travels to Cuba to hug and kiss Fidel Castro.
Tulsi Gabbard traveling to Syria to high-five with al Assad (Russian/Putin ally) just a few weeks ago

OH! And a reminder: One Year of Silence on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Russia Uranium Deal and How the Clinton Foundation Made Money On It

Meanwhile, Trump, GOP lawmakers eye ‘illegal’ leaks in wake of Flynn resignation

FBI needs to explain why Flynn was recorded, Intelligence Committee chairman says

Eavesdropping on Michael Flynn: Did U.S. spooks have a court order to listen to his conversations? Why?

CIA broke the law to take out its critic General Flynn

The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn

WikiLeaks, Michael Flynn Jr. blame ‘US spies, Democrats’ and ‘disinformation campaign’ for #FlynnResignation

America Witnessed A ‘Well Orchestrated Effort’ To Oust Mike Flynn

Ace @ AoSHQ:

One of the reasons the Democrats are delaying Trump appointees is that they want Obama holdovers in positions of power so that they can use their power undemocratically and illegally to fatally wound the new administration in the moments of its birth. (I know, strange the Democrats of all people would be keen to do that.)

But it’s also the careerists of the Deep State itself.

Trump has to get both serious and ruthless about firing all Obama holdovers and firing as many careerist members of #TheResistance as possible — or, if he can’t fire them, assigning them to very isolated and unhappy places.


Glenn Reynolds @ Instapundit:

YEAH, THE FLYNN RESIGNATION’S AN EMBARRASSMENT, but Obama had his failed appointments, often tinged with scandal: “There’s Chas Freeman, Sanjay Gupta, Annette Nazareth, Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson, Nancy Killefer — who am I leaving out? And there are still problems with Adolfo Carrion. But at least Ron Kirk made it through despite his tax problems. . . . Oh, yeah. Judd Gregg. And the Zinni debacle.” I don’t recall the press acting like that was the beginning of the end for Obama’s presidency.

Russia isn’t the only busy intersection between the White House and Congress, either.

Russian officials defend Flynn, say admin may be infected with ‘Russophobia’

Who will replace National Security Advisor Michael Flynn?

Don Surber: Flynn lied, goodbye

Col. Allen West: While everyone melts down over Flynn, I believe there’s a much BIGGER PLOT in the works…

From the same democrats that still insist a video killed Amb. Chris Stevens in Benghazi:

Nancy Pelosi got punked by a Flynn parody account, and it’s on VIDEO [hint: SCAPEGOAT]


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