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Faux “Feminism”: The Left’s Litmus Test for Fair Treatment Worthiness


Investment tip: Buy stock in “Depends” adult diapers…

Ivanka Trump is married, a mother, and a successful business woman on many levels. Her father just happens to now be the POTUS. For that the left, and shameful “feminists” in particular, believe she must be savaged. Whether it is her beautiful fashion business or through ugly personal attacks, the left is frothing at the collective mouth and shitting themselves.

Neither of the left’s avenue of attacks on Ivanka are going over well with much of the country:

Women Nationwide Cut Up Nordstrom’s Cards, Plan Boycotts After Political Decision to Drop Ivanka Trump Line

Ivanka’s fashion line of shoes and clothing isn’t cheap, in price or quality, and some of these stores are not, well, places where many of those who seek to vent their inability to get over the 2016 election would not be able to shop anyway…


Comedian Ilana Glazer loses it over pic of Ivanka and son

Ummm-hmmm. Well, actually, the above pissy-fit by the anti-Ivanka woman is pale in comparison to what I have seen said about her since her father’s White House bid as the GOP nominee. And yes, she is a politically active ‘child’ of the POTUS, and therefor “fair game”. But this sort of un-constructive game? Really?

As a fashion icon and high-minded business woman, I wonder how the New York City goddess of all that is fashion feels about the tearing down of Ivanka Trump: Anna Wintour on Fashion, Politics and Vogue: The editor celebrates female power as the publication turns 125, New York Fashion Week starts

It’s all about the woman’s politics, dontcha know. Look what was done to Gov. Sarah Palin as soon as she not only dared to run on the GOP ticket in 2008, never mind all her accomplishments and experiences, but she dared choose to not abort her unborn Down Syndrome baby and THEN dared show him in public during the campaign. Had she been a democrat Palin would’ve been carried on the shoulders of the liberals as the perfect candidate, better than McCain.

Earlier this week Hillary “Also Ran and Lost” Clinton emerged from the thicket of the woods near her posh New York home to give all us gals … well, maybe just those who fit her constricted box of politically correct acceptable gals … a pep-talk about how the future belongs to us— er, them, I guess…

Would somebody please ball-up and ask this harpy what she thinks of the endless attacks on successful business woman and mother Ivanka Trump? I know Mrs. Clinton is not void of such concerning her own ‘working mother’ daughter Chelsea.

Meanwhile: Scarlett Johansson On the ‘Challenge’ of Being a Working Mom: ‘I’m Barely Holding It Together’

The actress is not getting much understanding or sympathy in the link’s comments section.

I’m not going to cut her down or belittle her because of her wealth and celebrity. Being a working mother, inside and outside the home, is a challenge for any woman. But it’s ironic Ms. Johansson’s story comes out at a time when another wealthy, sort of celebrity, very successful woman is being attacked publicly and via her business because her father is the new POTUS. I believe Ms. Johansson can relate to such an attack as it was just a couple years ago she was attacked for her promoting of SodaStream because it is made in Israel. Yes, we have a ‘free market’, but at what point do people who don’t really believe in a free market use it as a weapon? Ms. Johansson is a good and successful actress, but not somebody I seek out when looking to be entertained. My choice. And I disagree with a lot of Hollywood-types and their dripping politics all over the place. I choose not to bother with their ‘products’. My choice. I don’t start an organized official campaign to ‘boycott’ them by pressuring theaters or radio stations not to carry said products in some attempt to injure them. And if there are others who feel the same way as I do they will choose to buy or not to by all on their own, without being pressured, bullied, or dictated to. That’s a ‘free market’.

I’ll also note that at last month’s “Women’s March” Ms. Johansson was cut off, not because she was attacking Ivanka Trump, but because she wasn’t … but civilly reaching out to her to be an ambassador for women and women’s rights to her POTUS father. How does cutting her off mid-common sense, civility, and diplomacy, but letting other female celebs rant on and on endlessly with ‘nasty’ and ‘bombastic’ rhetoric make sense if you are seriously looking for real results for women?

“Feminists”, real feminists, should go beyond personal politics and support all women trying to succeed in this country. The litmus test must stop. Only then do we have real feminism. Right now it is lopsided and non-inclusive, and yes, bigoted. All working mothers should be supported and acknowledged+, without checking their politics or party. Yes, some have it a heck of a lot tougher than a rich Hollywood actress who can afford a nanny to cover the ‘away’ time, and all they need worry about is the quality of the ‘together’ time with their children. As the mother of 2 female medical doctors, one a parent of 3 children, are you telling me that if one of them is standing over you or your family member bleeding and in pain in the ER you’re going to demand to know who she voted for in the election and not accept her expert medical help to ease your suffering and/or save your life or the life of your loved one? That’s insane. How is that any different than demanding a white doctor over a black doctor? It’s not.

For the last few years we’ve been barked at “That’s not who we are!” Well, the whipped-up pettiness in this nation is shameful and must stop. It’s dragging us down. I wish this working mother and all working mothers success with their occupations and especially with their families, no matter their politics or status in life. Because that’s who I am. Anyhow……….




These people and their industry are already on the majority of Americans’ shit list. If only they would just shove their fucking politics in their damn pockets and do the job of ‘entertaining’ I think their profits might just get a boost instead of a deficit.


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