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“Lieawatha”: Elizabeth Warren, the Fake Warrior

The lies about Sen. Jeff Sessions continue with the leftocrats.

Liz should worry about the lies she’s spun about herself…

What is it about the democrats who never met a law or rule they believe they’re above but always want imposed on everyone else? ‘The Bern’ came to the defense of his comrade…

But was it really the Mrs. MLK,Jr. letter the GOP members were objecting to, or the fact that Warren’s mouth was chomping on fellow Senator Sessions when the rules clearly state it’s not permitted. Today the MSM spins it as not only silencing a woman and a (fake) minority (Warren)…

… but silencing the words of Mrs. King, Jr. Such bullshit this nation must endure.

MLK’s Niece Accuses Elizabeth Warren Of Playing ‘The Race Card’ In Senate Floor Charade [VIDEO]

Meanwhile: Curt Schilling Beans Elizabeth Warren — ‘She Represents Everything We Hate About Politics’ [VIDEO]

Rumor has it the former Red Sox pitcher is pondering challenging Warren for the senate seat in her approaching re-election bid, amid her slouching favorable ratings.


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