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Super Bowl LI: Patriots (Another) 1 – Liberals 0


Ah! May you live in interesting times

Hell, we can’t even just be entertained anymore. TV shows, even on the kids’ cable channels, are injecting anti-conservative jabs, including dismissive snarks at FOX News. Is that really necessary? I mean, is the current litter of public school indoctrinators not drilling and strip-mining deep enough into our kids’ skull full of mush on a daily basis? You have to invade the dumb-ass dialog of the live action laugh-track kid sitcoms? For fuck-sakes! Sports, which used to be the primo escape venue, has also been infected. Mostly it is the sportscasters who do the political bullshitting where it does not belong. Hardest hit by this has been the NFL. Overall ratings for the league have been down bigtime, as have the ratings for ESPN. And ahead of the Super Bowl LI game a Hell of a lot of people were not only swearing off the Lady Gaga halftime show that hinted it would be anti-Trump in tone (especially given Beyoncé’s NBPP bullshit last Super Bowl) but also the expensive Super Bowl ads that were previewed to be carrying the liberal claptrap messages, and they did. However, the public wanted to boycott the game itself … mostly to get back at the NFL for its political shit for the last couple seasons, especially this last season with the kneelers and sitters assholes on the field during the National Anthem. However the ratings churn out the game was infused with the ire that the nation is feeling right now toward the always overreaching preaching left. So, some went ahead and watched. For awhile it looked as if the Atlanta Falcons had it all locked up. But in the stretch of the last half of the big game the New England Patriots came back hard to win. A historic game itself on many levels. And Lady Gaga, in all her energy and talent, was tolerable enough, but her preaching was still in there. Whatever. The Gaga didn’t piss off a majority of the country, sang and danced her ass off … literally off stage … put on one of the best halftime shows in Bowl history, and has the liberal media tisking at her for it:

Anyhow, I was outnumbered by the other three adults in my house. So, I watched with one eye. Now, I like me an underdog, even if I don’t have a dog in the fight. And I have a family connection with my sister and nephews in the Atlanta area and pulling for their team. However, knowing the weighty political ties of Trump’s friendship with Patriots’ QB Tom Brady (and the Patriots/Brady hatred already present in the NFL fandom) the libs were panting for a Patriots loss, and by the halftime standards a bloody thrashing. Just have a gander at MSNBC lib clown Touré at halftime:

And when the New England Patriots won the liberals were screaming “racism” (again), or something.


But the red, white and blue confetti hadn’t settled on the Huston turf before the 2016 election cycle analogies began. After all, the Atlanta Falcons had the popular vote:


The Outcome Of The Super Bowl Reminded A Lot Of People Of The Presidential Election

Super Bowl Media Fail: ‘My God. It’s Election Night All Over Again’

How the Super Bowl Eerily Reminded People of the Presidential Election



Tom Brady says someone stole his Super Bowl LI jersey after the game

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has asked the Texas Rangers to help Houston Police in finding Tom Brady’s missing jersey.

Let’s agree that Roger Goodell deserves a little public humiliation, and Tom Brady is just the man to deliver it.Let’s agree that Roger Goodell deserves a little public humiliation, and Tom Brady is just the man to deliver it.


ROUNDUP: Videos of the Five Most Politicized Super Bowl Ads.

Related: The Super Bowl Ads Really Hammered a Pro-Immigration Message.

And “Who decided that the Super Bowl audience was a good demographic fit to advertise The Handmaid’s Tale?”

Update: The Wyoming Minnesota Police Department wins Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday…

Trump Almost Perfectly Predicts Super Bowl Score: ‘The Patriots will win’



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