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“AntiFA”: How an Unapologetic Conservative Gay Man is Exposing the Leftist Hypocrisy


See how that works? Of all the Soviet era Pravda-like MSM news outlets CNN is the worst.

By the way, “AntiFA” is allegedly short for ‘anti-fascist’, which is what these well-funded street thugs are calling themselves.

It is ironic how whenever I see that word, AntiFA, the world fatwa comes to mind.

The Night Berkeley Betrayed The Free Speech Movement

My Facebook friend Jeffrey Varasano (who, btw, has a fabulous pizza restaurant in the Atlanta, GA area) explains exactly what is being unearthed as we watch on our TVs:

The 1964 Free Speech Movement was to expand speech for the left. They have never stood for speech for anyone else. So when we don’t want to SUBSIDIZE Piss Christ, we are engaging in censorship – all speech should be free. Except, of course, anything we’d like to discuss. That’s all “hate speech”, which should not be free. So drawing a cartoon of Mohamed is hate speech, Piss Christ, Free Speech. Get it? Good.
The Free Speech Movement was a tactic. Nothing more. It was not then, now or ever about Free Speech. The left just picks memes up and runs with them situationally. Last years hard working union middle class, is this years white patriarchy. Last year’s proud gay is this year’s Islamphobe. Keeping out Last year’s Vietnamese Boat People was prudent policy after the anti-war left abandoned our allies to communist slaughter, this year keeping out Syrians is unconstitutional fascism. Last year’s Free Love was liberation from the prudish church, this year it’s rape culture. Last year’s unconscionable use of the word pussy, which might damage our children who overhear it on the news, is this year’s anti-trump poster hung off a 5 year old protester.
It’s whatever the left can make hay out of today. That’s all they do. Division. Agitprop. Revolution.
There was no Free Speech Movement at Berkeley. There was only propaganda.

Do you understand what Jeffrey is saying? As usual the left, who has always wanted to transform this representative republic nation into a faux “democracy” with full dictatorship communism to a centralized government, is, and always has been, a rabid dog wrapped in our Constitution for their own purposes of using it against us in order to achieve full power over us, and we are witnessing it on display…

The Left Celebrates Anti-Milo Yiannopoulos Violence at Berkeley

Two men arrested in one of the beatdowns on UC Berkeley on Thursday night.

We have a WINNER! Guess who Robert Reich suspects is behind the Berkeley riot

Sarah Silverman tries to explain violence in Berkeley (Hint: It’s because of all the Left’s fear and patriotism)


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