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MSM Replaces Obama-worn Kid Gloves with Boxing Gloves for Trump


You cannot make this shit up…

DC: Reuters Instructs Reporters To Cover Trump Like An Authoritarian Regime

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler used examples of Reuter’s reporting in authoritarian regimes, to issue new guidance on the way his news organization would cover the Trump administration.

Reuters is a worldwide wire news service that operates in nearly 100 countries. Adler noted in his company-wide missive that covering the first 12 days of President Donald Trump’s administration has been “especially challenging for us in the news business.”

He raised President Donald Trump’s earlier comments that journalists are “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” and White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon’s declaration that the media is the “opposition party” to the administration.

Adler said Reuter’s central mission would not change amid these circumstances because it already knows how to report in countries in “which the media is unwelcome and frequently under attack.” …

More examples of the great ‘journalistic’ work of the American MSM:

As much as I wanted Laura Ingraham as Trump’s WH Press Secretary I must say Sean Spicer has been impressing me with his backbone and control over the reporters…

NBC’s Welker to Spicer: How Will Schumer Back Gorsuch Since Trump Hurt His Feelings?

Networks: Berkeley ‘Demonstrators’ ‘Rally’ Against ‘Outrageous’ ‘Conservative’ ‘Agitator’


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