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Dance of The Fascist Anarchists and Their Cheerleaders


Remember when the TEA Party rioted in the streets and burned shit down, shattered windows, and beat the shit out of opponents in the streets? I mean, you know they did because Hollywood and the democrats and the liberal MSM said the TEA Party was “violent”.


Trump supporter conservative pundit and writer for Breitbart News Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at the University of California – Berkeley Wednesday night. However, as is the case with these once stalwart institutions of open minds and free speech now turned dictatorial fascist enclaves of violence, hate and silencing of free speech, what fauxly began as a “peaceful protest” turned into the now typical riot of human assault and destruction of property. Democrats and our Hollywood overlords are pretty much cheering this on because they believe this is how to counter the results of an election they lost…

Hollywood Director Tweets Threat To Trump Supporters After Berkeley Riot


The Hollywood lord and master of how the rest of the country should think and act of course deleted his original Tweet once the heat was on…

NUTS: Unhinged Sarah Silverman envisions military role in Trump ‘RESISTANCE’

Just more George Soros funded rent-a-mob bullshit.

A gay Jew at that. Also makes them homophobic.

VIOLENT LEFTISTS Chase and Beat Man Unconscious at Berkeley Riots


Democrats and progressives shell-shocked by President Trump’s election are taking heart from the surge in popular opposition to him.

ANTI-DEMOCRAT: NYC Mayor, de Blasio Calls For MORE Anti-Trump Protests

Obama ‘heartened’ by anti-Trump protests

Mob rules drive Democrats: Leaderless party revolves around fight against Trump

Sen. Tim “Also-ran as Hillary’s VP” Kaine: Democrats Have to ‘Fight in the Streets’ Against Trump

Well, her red baseball cap actually said “Make bitcoin great again”, but the left will justify this because she wasn’t wearing a pink pussy hat or a full-body vagina costume.

Can’t make this up! Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin NOW condemns violence HE all but incited

Drudge Headlines:

Rampaging Students Destroying Campus…
Anarchist violence…
Man beaten unconscious…
Trump threatens funds…


One comment on “Dance of The Fascist Anarchists and Their Cheerleaders

  1. Again I submit Rich Lowry’s phrase, “The politics of the primal scream.”

    If these fascist behaving jerks who destroyed property and harmed people don’t destroy this country, they will have done us all a great service – showing voters what the left considers open dialogue. And the elections of 2010, 2014 and 2016 will have similar results and the left will be destroyed at last politically.


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