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Stranger Things Could Not Happen…


DeVos Nomination in Danger After Collins, Murkowski Defect

GOP Defectors Have Received Thousands From Teachers Union

Man’s 75 year old mother dies because of Trump travel ban [Video]

Michigan man made up story of mother dying in Iraq after Trump travel ban, imam says … Died five days before the EO was signed into effect

Shit Nancy Pelosi continues to say:

Pelosi to Fellow Dem Lawmaker at Protest: ‘Tell Them You’re a Muslim’

Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s SCOTUS pick Judge Neil Gorsuch: “If you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine or in any other way interact with the courts, this is a very bad decision…”


Yesterday’s examples. 1. Again we find Gabe all over a #FakeNews story. This time, it’s the NYT, who accused Trump of reporting the wrong numbers re those detained in airports. 2. CNN’s Senior White House Correspondent tweets asinine claim that the WH set up competing Twitter accounts for the potential SCOTUS noms. 33 minutes later, he retracted that claim.

This beef with Trump’s Black History Month speech takes the crazy cake

Here’s a screenshot, since he deleted the original:

Wait, There’s More – Because Progress:

Prestigious Dog Show Adds Cats to Event

California Lawmakers Want ‘Third Gender Option’ for Drivers’ Licenses

Bill Gates is set to become the world’s first trillionaire

Meanwhile: One income for all: far-fetched, or future fact?

It’s Escalating: Defiance and Calls for Violence among Democrats


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