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MAGA: Tears, Jeers, and Sneers…


They told me if Trump got elected federal employees would quit in biblical numbers…

I put this comment up on one of Don Suber’s Facebook posts last night in response to the content of this Twitter tweet he’s shared:

No it’s not a hissy fit in search of a scandal. It’s a cheap and easy way for Trump to shut up the liberals and democrats whining about Hillary winning the popular vote. First of all it would result in what happened when Jill Stein orchestrated recounts in areas and managed to lose votes for Hillary while gaining more votes for Trump. The left knows if there are investigations in obvious democrat states and cities the same thing will happen. He might not pick up the couple million they keep pounding their puds about Hillary’s alleged victory. But it will expose the fact that the democrats have practiced such fraud and illegal voting to rig victories especially in those states and areas and would delegitimize previous democrat wins over the decades and in the future. It also has taken the media and pundit bitching and moaning attention away from what he’s been doing with his pen and with the visitors to the Oval Office these last few days. He knew the MSM would harp on this instead of explaining to the American people how and why Trump is legitimately undoing Barack Obamas unilateral policies. It’s more of that messy Trump brilliance.

Seems I’m not alone in seeing past the premise that Trump’s tweeting and handling of the liberal MSM is far more than just clumsy spouting-off…

Glenn Reynolds: Trump is playing with the press: He’s gaslighting them and they fall for it every time.


Meanwhile, in the industrial federal government complex known as “Washington D.C.”…

WFB: EPA Employees ‘Coming to Work in Tears’ Because of Trump Win:’The mood remains dark’

Oh, and now the liberals in the federal government EPA and the liberal MSM (segments of which have more than once telegraphed, before and after the 2016 general election, censorship of “fake news” and/or ‘climate change dissenters/deniers plans) are clutching their pearls and choking on their triple lattes over this…

WaPo: EPA science under scrutiny by Trump political staff

Well, because ‘climate change/global warming’ has not, in any way-shape-form, ever been overflowing and dripping with political science and junk/faked science … for big bucks. Just a month before finally leaving office Barack Obama funneled over $90 million into the ‘climate change’ scam that will cost taxpayers more pain on many levels. This whole ‘climate change’ settled has been very unsettled over years of debunking.

Twitchy: Call the Waaambulance! Massive Trump-triggering reported at EPA

Look at it this way … Think of how much easier funding cuts will now be. Especially with this massive and deadly federal government department:

Josh Rogin @ WaPo: The State Department’s entire senior management team just resigned

Well now! I guess the swamp is self-flushing after all, eh? And Rogin goes on to take a stark and scary view of this, lamenting the loss of all these Hillary ass-covering political rubes, including 9 year State veteran wonk Patrick Kennedy.

Wait, you mean this is yet another faux panic button being pushed by the “New and Improved” “hold his feet to the fire” MSM?? Shut the front door! …

Sean Hannity: FAKE NEWS ALERT: Washington Post Misreports High Level State Department Resignations … (HT: Reader BK)

Huh, go figure.

Anyhow, don’t cry for them, Argentina…

Obama appointees are “burrowing in” for career government positions … So, there’s that.

And then there are all those stalwart liberal feminists of former federal government status and current aging and barely working Hollywood princess activists , all willfully ignorant to the reality of the real world…

Twitchy: ‘So brave!’ Debra Messing’s new #SolidaritySelfie is a lesson in ‘slactivism’

That above selfie reads like one of those kindergarten worksheets where you search for and circle anything wrong inside the picture when you relate it to women’s rights under Islam and the Muslim culture. And in the wake of the unnatural Hillary Clinton disaster of November Messing has discovered the US Constitution and seeks to protect it by taking an oath, or something. Not the first time Messing has graciously offered her on-the-spot image for a political cause, you know…

And this dried up pro-abort activist and democrat tool…

Madeleine Albright Joining Gloria Steinem on ‘Muslim Registry’

Madeleine Albright ‘ready to register as Muslim’ over refugee suspension

See, everything she just said to justify her pledge would make her an apostate in Islam and punishable by death, but the religions she is citing as her heritage wouldn’t do that to her.


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