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No More Elephant-Tipping


I keep seeing this term “woke” with the left in regards to their revolution/revolt against Pres. Donald Trump. Most of what we have seen so far is pretty juvenile and pathetic … Although I never put it past them to go all “Weather Underground” at any minute simply because the liberal MSM, whom Trump is spanking, would willingly and eagerly do everything in their power to justify them and deflect responsibility and blame on the Trump administration and his supporters.

Anyhow, just a few articles that you might have missed that show the GOP is no longer going to just politely stand around and accept the bullshit aimed at them:

Sen. Tom Cotton DESTROYS Nasty Chuck Schumer on Senate Floor!

That’s it. She’s my new spirit animal…

YOWZA! Kellyanne Conway reportedly PUNCHES ‘anarchist thug’ at Inaugural Ball for attacking Scott Baio

I really do not think the democrats/libs/left want this…

Donald Trump calls for investigation into ‘VOTER FRAUD’

Sally Kohn accuses Kurt Schlichter of ‘blind hatred’ of Muslims, but one photo proves she’s wrong

Fox’s Tucker Carlson nearly doubling Megyn Kelly’s prime-time ratings


Trump reinstates ban on US funding for abortion overseas

Poll: 83% of Americans Back Trump Reversal of Obama’s Overseas Abortion Funding

Live Action: 5 Out of 97 Planned Parenthood Facilities Provide Prenatal CareOnly


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