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Get Popcorn Because the Left is in Full Self-Destruct Meltdown

As I look at the news feeds and the social media I’m thinking I should check on popcorn futures in the stock market.

The liberals in this country are completely unglued … Like, “off their meds and wetting and crapping themselves in public”, ‘unglued’. No, really I’m sure you all saw the woman in white slacks with a massive blood stain from the crouch down her inner thighs at the ‘Women’s March’ Saturday. Not only are they in full-throttle “making shit up” but are completely believing it. That’s delusional the likes of which people used to be checked into the psych ward for evaluation decades back.

The mask is completely off these idiots. It is pretty much no longer possible for them to “Goebbels” the public and society any more. Hell, even CNN is wandering in the wilderness now.

So over these empty bone-domes.

First up are some of the mindless and horribly failed Don Quixote-like battles the left-shits are picking on Twitter (and I lean on the hardworking Twitchy for these) and other social media. So easily debunk-able are these intellectually crippled jerks’ premises(es) and claims that we must seriously question the mental state of those imbibing in such reckless lunacy. And least we forget these are the people who screamed and blamed “FAKE NEWS” when their criminal candidate, Hillary Clinton, had her fat-ass handed to her in November. It must be the entire “Progressive” commie manifesto is vaporizing right before their liberal tear-stained, boogie-crusted eyes.

We saw the Faux Suffragettes bitching and moaning over practically nothing in Washington DC over the weekend, pretty much most of it completely out of the realm of common sense…

For some unknown reason (and I don’t care enough to dig into that cesspool of logic) Deadspin writer Ashley Feinberg decided to challenge Sen. Ted Cruz’s basketball cred … Which was YUGELY easy enough to debunk in-between heartbeats:

‘Tweet of the Year’: Sen. Ted Cruz slam dunks on Deadspin

Well, instead of Ashley Feinberg conceding she had stood corrected, she decided to take the assclown’s way out…

That only caused others tweeting responses to her on the issue to call her out even stronger on her lack of common sense and unprofessional manner. Enter the feminist’s knight in shining armor, Deadspin ‘s Editor-in-Chief Tim Marchman, to exude even more of the organization’s class and professionalism (/sarc)…

Deadspin Editor-in-Chief: ‘Ted Cruz is a pathetic a**hole’ and his supporters have ‘low-testosterone’


But still the zombies at Deadspin are in a sad and pathetic state of denial that solidly proves they simply cannot handle being handed their asses…

Twitter holds emergency intervention for Deadspin writer utterly owned by Ted Cruz: ‘I didn’t get owned’

Then there was the sick liberal troll who struck out at Townhall and The Federalist writer Mary Katherine Hamm’s personal column (a year after losing her husband in a bike accident while she was pregnant with their second child) she offered on the Twitter pro-life parents sharing #MyUnintendedJoy. Apparently MKH posting her tweet was acting all, you know, like she’s the only woman who ever lost a husband and should keep her personal stories to herself and … and … “WHITE PRIVILEGE”!, or some bullshit…

‘What the hell?’ Heartless troll attacks widowed mom Mary Katharine Ham’s ‘white privilege’; Updated

And one of the leading Barron Trump bullies, SNL writer Katie Rich:


‘F-ed up’: SNL writer takes ‘disgusting’ swipe at 10-year-old Barron Trump

Katie Rich, SNL writer who tweet-bullied Barron Trump, deactivated her Twitter account


Not to worry, however, wherever there’s a shameless out of work leftist there’s another shameless leftist more than willing to employ them to carry on the leftist sliming. The traditional “Leave the kids alone” practice for the kids of presidents has apparently been abolished for the 10 year old son of Pres. Trump because the boy must take the vile pummeling for his father’s tweeting history. Never mind that the boy has no Twitter or other social media account that he is personally being vocal on, and never mind he has done nothing more than being sweet background entertainment for older sister’s baby behind his father’s first Oval Office signing ceremony on an already very long Inauguration Day…

Yeah, compared to what I saw with kids his age and younger who were costumed and handed signs and dragged to the following Saturday’s “Women’s March”.

Suspended SNL writer Katie Rich gets a new job offer

Yes, total inane bullshit, right? But it is all they have left. Hell, it is all they ever had! They are fake protesters practicing faux outrage and even bigger faux “Revolt” and faux “Revolution”, and faux “journalism” in order to carry out the anarchy:

National park’s Twitter feed posts climate data in apparent defiance of Trump administration order

Resistance forces take National Park Twitter feed, post (now-deleted) tweets citing climate statistics

Banner unfurled near WH could bring down Trump presidency (or just get some protesters arrested)

Greenpeace protesters shut down DC streets; climb crane near old Washington Post building

Limo Burned By Trump Protesters Belongs To Muslim Immigrant – Trump Supporters Are Stepping Up

Larry King Says His SUV Was Smashed During Washington DC Protest

How dare thugs with cameras be suspected, let alone arrested…

Four more journalists get felony charges after covering inauguration unrest: A documentary producer, a photojournalist, a live-streamer and a freelance reporter facing up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine if convicted

I wonder who pays their expense accounts? I mean, had James O’Keefe and Project Veritas been picked up last Friday entrenched deeply inside the street mobs rioting they would not have been considered “journalists”.

Yet, the George Soros outfit Media Matters is very suspicious of this guy in the White House press room:

Well, they’re anarchists so they don’t compute this whole “law and order” stuff (click to enlarge)…


One of those “backers” is more likely than not named “Soros”.

Even the POTUS isn’t safe from political hacks and their biased fuckery … even if their job is to protect him: Secret Service agent under fire after posting she wouldn’t take bullet for Trump


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