Faux Suffragettes


They say “The squeaky wheel get the oil…” but damn, the wheels have completely fallen off the liberal feminist cart!

Let’s be perfectly clear here. Those women in Washington DC and in narrow points of democrat pockets around the nation are not feminists in the pure sense of the word, nor are they suffragettes. The women at the turn of the last century fought pretty much with their own safety, well-being, and lives to become recognized as not only equals, but as people. They were beaten, arrested, jailed/institutionalized and forced-fed when refusing food as a protest while incarcerated … some even worse. They had no vote. They could not run for office. Certain careers and professions were not welcoming to women: doctor, lawyer, scientist, even writer. They were not permitted to own real property. When their husbands died they were at the mercy of the powers that be at the time as to what happened to their husbands’ property and their children, many losing both! The level of respect for woman at that time was superficial at best.

After the suffragette era women were treated a bit better, but were still expected to remain in a domestic capacity. They could vote and run for office. They could own property and keep it and their children without a husband. They began to fill more and more seats in colleges and universities and other trade schools. They could be almost anything they wanted to be and make a living from it, even if they still were paid less than a man. The role(s) of women in this nation, at home and in the theater of war, during WWII while men were off to war around the globe could not be denied. It was tough-going when the men returned after the war and women were expected to get out of the factories and head back to the kitchens and the hospital delivery wards. But they continued to fight and work for every inch they could to climb ladders and build resumes in the country’s workforce.

Sexual norms were divided into a man being a man and women being promiscuous whores and sluts, and women presented as full sexual objects with their body parts displayed on on glossy centerfolds or dressed and speaking in a sexy manner because “sex sells”. Women were easily sexually objectified. So, by the mid-20th century women began burning bras, and then decided their center of power came from physically being able to shred and rip the unborn from their wombs. They refused, and to this day, to recognize and fully understand their uniqueness and even superiority to men because of their ability to provide sanctuary for another human being from the very moment of life’s beginning until that time when that new human life could enter the world to be nurtured and fed by that same woman. Women became everything they reviled men and their violent imperialist warmongering and killing for. Women brought their own violence and warmongering to the womb to kill the innocents. It has been their keystone and anchor with which to grow their Baby Boomer brand of feminism on. It was no longer “empowerment” but “power” and more power.

Fast forward to these last few decades, especially beginning with the Bill Clinton years. America watched as “feminists” who demanded to be treated equally and with utmost respect, and not be viewed as sex objects, did and said nothing about a man who took the top position of leadership in the nation and the free world and his trail of misogynist, sexist and abuse of power. And when more and more of his victims came forward they were belittled, insulted, and treated like shit on these feminists’ shoes. Worse yet, their would be future leader and designated “first woman POTUS” who was married to the unapologetic lech targeted her husband’s victims to silence them.

In the decades that followed, abortion became their armor and weapon. Nobody that is pro-life is acceptable to be in any position of power. Conservative-minded women are treated like sub-humans and are fought tooth and nail to keep them out of office. No matter how brilliant they are or how much they have accomplished, built, and achieved (even while raising a family), conservative women are deemed stupid, ignorant, unqualified, *insert any degrading female sexual name/term/insult you can think of and them some here* and demonized. Liberal feminists do not and will not recognize conservative feminists. Hell, as of November’s election, liberal or not, if you voted for Trump and not Hillary you deserve physical brutality and even death (including your children and family) according to these so called ‘women’s rights’ activists and protectors. Oh, and God help you if you are a liberal woman who didn’t vote for Trump but say it’s time to move on: In Hollywood, being open-minded about Trump is worse than rape

But since the George W. Bush era, when these “pro-choice”— pro-abort liberal feminists carried signs that said, “Barbara Chose Wrong”, their growing vileness and darkness has completely consumed them and transformed them into serpentine Medusas striking out and attacking anyone who will not join the hive and surrender to the liberal feminist collective mind-set. They continue to fabricate their own facts and reality about the nation and society they live in. That was on display in living and shouting color Saturday in Washington DC.

Yeah, they’re scared Planned Parenthood will lose federal funding, as it should. But those activist groups and mega-million dollar celebrities have the ways and means to raise money PP needs, just as they did for Hillary Clinton for her 2016 run. But they do not want to. No, they believe taxpayers who marginally agree with abortion in a limited time-frame, do not want federal tax dollars funding it. And yeah, there is a small degree of ‘pay disparity’ in the workplace. Hell, the liberal feminist heroes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have paid their female staff less than they did their male staff. But were they dragged out and demanded to explain it? Nope. However, woman have the power to go to court to right this wrong. Hollywood actresses bitch and moan about lower pay than their male costars, when they should be firing their agents who made the movie deals and possibly suing the production company. And if you do not do the same job/position as a man you simply do not get the pay. I mean, yeah, the old USSR paid the male doctor the same as they did the female who swept the hospital floors. Is that really these broads’ underlying goal here? Because I am all for the actresses/celebrities who participated Saturday, whether there being disgusting on the stage or on their social media accounts, to make as much as the male who works in the fast food chain for the equally amount of work … AND never go above a designated limit for income.

Hell, my two older daughters currently individually make more than my husband does at his two jobs with more in their not-too-distant futures!

Exactly what “rights” do these women think they have yet to win? I mean, they protested with full vulgarity and none of them were grabbed by the hair and dragged off to jail or the mental hospital. The celebrity broads are multi-millionaires who own loads and loads of private property, and have children without a man around, and not only can go out in public without covering themselves head to toe without a man but built their careers on being on public stages/film screens with little to no clothing and geared their sales toward men who were not a family member. I mean, maybe they aren’t as gainfully employed in their industry as they age, but this sort of crap on display is really not a good marketing tool for anyone looking to send you a script.



As of November’s election these liberal feminists have become insane cunts with no concrete values of which they scream they are fighting to protect! Because it is becoming more and more strikingly evident it is not the values the people inside this nation covet…


And if you thought this could not get any more ass-backward with these pink-pussy-wearing shitheads, they are aligning themselves with an ideology that currently gives their women absolutely no worth or rights, but treats them of less value than their fucking goat! Women are completely subjects to their male population, and are expendable. They are shamed and forced to cover their bodies, are beaten, stoned, hanged, beheaded, disfigured, are forbidden to attend school, are not permitted to drive or go out in public without male family escort, or vote, or own property or a business, etc…


Organizer For DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour Is Pro Sharia Law with Ties To Hamas

‘Women’s rights leader’ Linda Sarsour excuses oppression because HEY, FREE STUFF!

Gloria Steinem: If Trump creates Muslim registry, we’ll all register


There is just too much excrement that was dropped this past Saturday at the “Women’s March” in Washington DC it would be like trying to take a backyard doggie pooper-scooper into a vast Texas cattle field to clean it up. So, here are just a few headlines for you to roll up your pant legs and walk through:

Ashley Judd Accuses Donald Trump of Having ‘Wet Dreams’ About His Daughter at Women’s March

Ashley Judd slams critics of Women’s March speech: I got the P word from Trump


VIDEO: Madonna Threatens To Blow Up White House; Drops Multiple F-Bombs On Live TV!

Madonna: Yeah… about that “blowing up the White House” thing

Women’s March (or the Parade of Menopausal Actresses)

Gloria Steinem, feminist icon, works up crowd at Women’s March on Washington with speech

Trouble in lady parts paradise? Looks like the Women’s March messed up big-time

Women’s March On Washington Excludes Pro-Life Feminists

EXCLUSIVE: Women’s March Protesters Booed Trump Hotel Staffers Who Aided Woman Having Heart Attack

Soros Has Links to 56 ‘Partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington … Here’s my shocked face.

“We march today for the moral core of our nation…”

Are you fucking kidding me. No, I’m serious here. Because what was on display Saturday had nothing ‘moral’ about it, and everything immoral. It dragged feminism, serious feminism of equality and respect, back a couple millenia! “We want a leader, not a creepy tweeter…” Um, check yourselves.


I’m shaking my head here.

Free your clap-trap minds and your pussies will follow!!!



As the mom of a beautiful Down Syndrom daughter I totally agree with Matt. Near every one of those women thought her mom ‘chose wrong’. I’ve been told as much…


2 comments on “Faux Suffragettes

  1. […] saw the Faux Suffragettes bitching and moaning over practically nothing in Washington DC over the weekend, pretty much most […]


  2. Of course it is obvious to say this but the women so obsessed with their private parts all look like lesbians and not like women any man would have the desire to violate.


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