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The Grave the Insufferable American News Media Propagandists Dug for Itself

And they insist on ‘keep digging’, with no end insight…


Instapundit: It has been a really bad week for journalism.

Retired newspaper writer Don Surber’s response to Kyle Pope, editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, and last week’s open letter to in-coming Pres. Trump by such…

“We don’t believe you.


I thank you, personally, for opening our eyes once and for all to the folly of the Fourth Estate.
On July 15, as Republicans began to gather in Cleveland to nominate Donald Trump, you published a 1,604-word call by David Mindich to abandon objective journalism in an all-out effort to stop the American people from electing Trump president.


…What gives journalists license to go after anyone? How does it help a democracy to have journalists determine the outcome of an election?

I don’t mean pundits. I mean reporters.”

Surber goes into detail stating the case against the news media’s history of deflection, distortion, and out-in-out deception when covering political stories in general. Please read the full column.

Since taking the oath the MSM has already begun it’s continued bullshit.

Something as inane as lying about inaugural crowd size by offering the public a photo taken from around 8:30am Friday as proof Trump’s crowd was considerably smaller than Obama’s inaugural crowd was (or don’t show a photo and just take their word for it).

There were also the anti-Trump protestors who formed human walls to keep people from passing by them to checkpoints to attend the inaugural grounds. I had friends down in DC who witness a Hell of a lot of this stuff. Also, when people tried to pry apart these assholes in order to get by them the DC police stopped them

And here’s a bit of fact for the MSM belittling crowd size. Trump supporters, and people who might have wanted to just witness the history of an inauguration, were afraid, as was fully intended, by the threat of anti-Trump and anarchy crowds of protestors and just chose to stay away from the targeted area. The same can be said of the parade route (I also have this firsthand from my friends who did attend). Also Trump voters were working the Friday of the Inauguration. The day of Obama’s inauguration Obama voters were not, nor were they working since for the last 8 years. But we have an OCD MSM that rivals even Donald Trump’s social media OCD, so, there’s that…


Meanwhile, Pres. Trump had the bust of Winston Churchill (the one Obama had promptly removed when he entered in 2009) returned to the Oval Office. But a TIME reporter informed readers and the general MSM that Trump had also removed the MLK bust as well. Except that that was a careless and irresponsible lie. The MLK bust had been blocked from view by a Secret Service agent standing guard in front of it, and by a door open beside it. The TIME reporter had to apologize for the error, but by then it was too late. The rest of the MSM had jumped on the story and fed it to their audiences. When the TIME reporter amended his first report many of the MSM did not make the same correction, or simply just deleted the story without retraction or explanation.

Yeah, off to a great start, MSM.


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