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Intervention Inauguration: Yes, The Truth and Reality are Many Times “Dark” and “Dreadful”

George Will’s latest column trashes Pres. Donald Trump’s inauguration speech: The most dreadful inaugural address in history

Yes, the truth handed to you frankly and without apology usually is “dreadful”. The American people are so over he highly polished fairytale nuanced speeches that people such as Mr. Will love to fawn over like classic novels. We really are in a “dreadful” era in this nation. It is inexcusable given the level and potential with technology and new innovative ideas at hand. Instead we are forced to address every social non-norm in our culture and shove it into normal or else face the courts. We are now deemed and branded “racists and bigots and sexists”, mostly because we are “white”. But, you see, that is not racist or bigoted. No. Self-righteous Hollywood, who is more than willing and happy to spread this reverse racism (even the self-loathing white celebrities) believes it is the most vilified in society right now. Laughable is an understatement.

We are currently at a level of ‘pre-crime’ and ‘thought-crime’ practice in this nation, in the face of our God-given rights and Constitutional liberties. and this is being carried out by activist courts, “Progressive” over-reaching government, irrational activist groups seeking to flip our republic into a dictatorial anarchy of subjective fascism, and wealthy Hollywood/celebrity dolts who cannot tolerate use but want our money. It’s becoming “The Capitol” from “The Hunger Games” with these preachy and demeaning elegant overlord demons.

I was sitting calmly and quietly on the couch with my Mother, and my two older Grandkids.

When Pres. Trump began speaking I wondered if he was going to read or freehand it. By 1/3 of the way through I just couldn’t tell. It was strong, confident and very smooth. he knew fully what he was saying. I found the speech shocking … Shocking because of its truthfulness and bluntness. I think Americans are well over the polished nuanced ethereal speeches we have always heard from politicians. After eight years the majority of the nation/voters finally discovered the emptiness of the promised “hope” and the radical starkness of subjugation in the “change”. I couldn’t see him but could imagine the look on Obama’s (and Michelle’s) face when the only thing missing from some of the speech was directly naming him by name. It was a stunning speech that dealt with the reality of where this nation is right now, even those scary terms like “carnage” that trump used.

The nation, its comfortably numb government, and even the world were dragged into an intervention, much like substance abusers are when they are about to hit hard rock bottom. You cannot even begin to help yourself and fix a problem until you admit you have a problem. Trump talks like us, and that’s why people support him. Oh, he can be clumsy and common and even carelessly bombastic, but aren’t we all down here in the “unwashed” trenches?

I heard more than one person who liked the speech last night quote Selina Zito who had gone into areas of Pennsylvania during the campaign to talk to just regular Joe’s and Jill’s (areas that had always voted democrats and voted for Obama twice) about Trump and their support for him and she summed it up: “(The) press takes him literally but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously but not literally.” … Well, the press, much of whom are having fits over the speech, doesn’t get it that he was talking to the American people, and not the lying press or the stuffy historians (whom Trump snubbed in basically penning the speech himself). Pres. Donald Trump could not have said anything to get the MSM press on his side, or to even tip their hat to his speech, unless he had announced he was handing over the Oval Office to Hillary Clinton with Barack Obama as her VP. As I said last night, the media had been waiting and waiting since the election results to gasp how Hitlerian the Pres. Trump inauguration speech was, no matter what he would say (except for that Hillary bullshit I just wrote…).

Pres. Donald Trump is not this fascist invader to this nation the liberals/left and the MSM are painting. No, that was Obama, and Hillary Clinton, who had the “Progressive” agenda to snuff-out our representative republic into a socialist “democracy”. Obama had much success for the last eight years completely circumventing with his Executive Orders “pen” the US Constitution and our elected representatives in the separation of powers US Congress. Trump’s speech was an acknowledgement of who, exactly, is supposed to hold the power in this republic, and he was confirming that his job now was returning that power to us. And that scares the living Hell out of the liberal/leftist establishment that has been rolling like entitled and dismissive sows in our liberties for decades.

Midway through the speech I felt like it really was OUR event, and not just one man’s or one entity’s (the DC elite). Those seats behind him while he spoke seemed to sink down a bit in stature. He was reining in the unruly government that was really no longer governing with the consent of the governed, and had not for a long time now. Everything he said about Washington getting bigger and richer while we are floundering is spot-on. That goes for the Wall Street ilk as well, who give hugely to the same democrats that eagerly trash them at election time. The Founders never intended for government to be a full time job for these players, or a pope-like “until death” career! And this is why. They are not our overlords, they are our SERVENTS, and it is time they were slapped down and put in their place. It is why the limo-libs and MSM and democrats are so damned pissed right now. It is not really Donald Trump that has their ire so bubbled up and steaming. It is the American people that did not do as they were expected to do and vote for phase two of the “Progressive” mission, Hillary Clinton. Check the down ballot. We rejected their shit all the way to dog catcher, baby.

The speech was shocking and frank, thank God! And it was fact-filled. And therein lies the rub with these snorting ‘betters’. How dare Donald Trump acknowledge the “hope and change” was a straw-man that had robbed and burned them for eight years, and more.


The atmosphere and tone in this nation is horrifically divided (and some would say by design). People have been enslaved by dictated and force-fed PC standards, and have been told they are to abide by SJW demands. We are not permitted to reply “All lives matter” when being slapped with “Black lives matter” because we are not equal in the eyes of ‘social justice’. People are hurting under the last 8 years of “Progressive” agenda policies that are picking and choosing who has priority and rights, and who must be forced to conform at the expense of their own liberty. Policies of protecting illegal non-citizens while screwing-over our citizens and their property, and by crushing this nation’s established sovereign laws and those who took oaths to protect sovereignty and this country’s security. Demonized police who must now patrol our streets with both hands behind their backs for fear of “bad press” and ramifications by their rear-echelon-motherfucker political overlords who do not put their asses on the line and know they themselves will be going home to their families after work. Communities where they need strong police but are torn between their own fears and misplaced loyalties to the evil keeping them hostage within. People who wake up and go to sleep every single day knowing and living with the fact the statistical odds are stacked against them.

But somehow it is too “dreadful” to recognize and point that out to the public? Trump, a republican POTUS, does so and he is criticized and equated with “Hitler” for daring to stand up for the people and not the corrupt system. However, democrats have been patting such communities on the collective head and telling them the same exact thing(s) about those communities for generations at election cycles. But Donald Trump tells those same communities during an election cycle to vote for him because, “what have you got to lose” since the democrats have not delivered them from the evils in their lives, and he is a racist and bigot?

Yes, communities inside Chicago are ravaged by “carnage” that not only is not being addressed by politicians and the MSM but is being buried under deflected blame on citizens and organizations who are law-abiding and responsible in their Second Amendment rights. After Chicago’s 2016 murder body count that exceeded New York City and LA it is not only safe, but precise to call that unbridled situation “carnage”. we have become a society where the premise no longer attaches personal responsibility to individuals, is eager to assign justifications to crime because of generations past history and current poor environment. I’m sorry, but go back to the bulk of the 20th century and these communities were more populated by, yes, struggling people who were harder working and family-minded, whose elders strongly stressed studying, learning, accomplishing every little thing in life and bettering yourself to move ahead on your own deserving merits. Do that today and it will get you a beat-down and head-stomping in the streets akin to something ISIS would inflict on their victims … Yes, I’m serious. What happened? The liberal narrative that told the black and poor communities that was impossible. Well, nobody told world-renowned neuro surgeon Dr. Ben Carson and his equally successful brother, or their illiterate Mother, that. And why did this narrative become engrained in our society? Because one political party depended on the endless needs of others for their votes at election time.

Fact 2:

Our children are not getting the education(s) we are paying for, from teachers union ruled public grade school on up through liberal college where mega-death-debts are being compounded. Students are coming out of public schools and entering college seriously lacking in academic basics, some having to take pre-requisite college courses they should have covered and/or passed in high school before even entering college. That means even more student loans for these classes that were already paid for (therefor deemed “free”, of course) in public school. Many kids just don’t want to seek employment where they must develop a strong work ethic and climb in their adult resume to better jobs and income, so, they head off to the college campuses where they can continue their non-serious study habits (only now you can skip class and not have the principle call Mom and Dad). No, it’s a playground of continued irresponsible adolescence paid with high interest loan debt (most taking out the maximum offered each time) they will bitch about not being able to payback post-graduation. They come out with vague degrees in fields and studies that produce nothing of real value and have no real purpose in working society. No, those ‘jobs’ are already taken by six-figure professors that suckered them into taking their hot air-filled liberal/leftist minded courses. Raising useful useless idiots is expensive.

We have become a ‘dollar store’ economy. Seriously, look around your area/region and count the dollar/discount stores. Hell, count the secondhand stores while you’re at it. Grocery stores and even some chain department stores, and mall shops, are vacant. In my region we have lost entire shopping malls. Look at businesses that are boarded up. These places employed your families and neighbors. And how about banks? Look where they have either closed or have been turned over again and again. Are you seeing perpetual “For Sale” signs on commercial properties and vacant homes? These are “dreadful” situations.

As for new and modern ingenuity and production for the present and future that creates jobs and wealth and affordable and abundant commerce and great independence to live and thrive, well, the government has seen to stifling much of that through its incessant regulations and federal land grabbing, mostly done by non-elected/voted-on federal agencies and their free-handed pens. Yes, these last eight years, and especially these last few weeks of Obama’s administration, have crushed the American exceptionalism into a bruised and battered heap at their feet. The nation’s bread baskets are dried-up and no longer producing because of ‘protected’ waterways and baitfish and dusty lizards and rats. Those jobs are gone too.

The current economy numbers are shady, at best … lies at worst. Thin bubbles fed to the public to give them a false sense of security, but the reality hits us when we have to shop for food and clothing, and when we get our utility bills. The “Progressive” mind-set believes Americans have had it far too easy while the rest of the world struggled. Really? We didn’t start two world wars, but we sent our people into them to fight and die for the liberty of others because we were fully aware that the masterminds of those powers making war would look to our shores when they had conquered their own territories. Americans have always given charity to other countries in need. Who comes to our need when we suffer death and destruction from natural disasters? We have struggled through depressions and market crashes. But the American spirit has always recognized the direction “up” from the rubble. We have not been a people to wallow in the loss. We cry, we take a couple deep breaths, dry our eyes, and roll up our sleeves, damn it. Yes, our nation has had some bad stains in our history, but we have learned (sometimes very hard and costly lessons) and gotten beyond them.

The American culture is sick and tired of the constant feed of the placebo ‘pop culture’ ideology by which we are demanded we think and live our lives.

The books have been cooked for the last 8 years on the statistics and numbers regarding the economy, unemployment, the much touted “20 million new people with healthcare”, climate stats, gun stats, etc. Everything has been politicized and bent and slanted to offer the people, via the MSM, a rosy picture of how things are better than they were before Obama took office 8 yrs ago. Well, Trump photo-bombed that picture yesterday with the truth the American people have actually been living daily with. George Will is part of the establishment problem that expects us all to sit and hang on every word they feed us in order to think they way they want us to. The Trump inaugural speech was shocking and dark, but if you get out into the real America outside your Ivory towers in NYC or DC you’ll see that the people in the rest of the nation that you love to loath and smirk at have had enough. Yes, Obama’s legacy in two words: Donald Trump … And for all Obama’s and his sycophants’ whining about the republicans in Congress not working with him for 8 years (and they’re to blame too for not standing up and doing what we sent them there to do) his pen and phone EO’s were the straws that broke our backs and got us to this “dreadful” look in the mirror yesterday. Is there ‘hope’? Absolutely. But I m looking at the Pres. Trump speech as one of those intervention punches of reality. The problem is not necessarily with the American people as much as it is with the establishment powers that be all around us that now see themselves as our supreme overlords, and our hard-earned money (and wealth) and rights as theirs to ‘allow’ us what they will.

So, yes, Mr. George Will, Pres. Trump’s inaugural speech was “dreadful”. Welcome to the suck, as the US Marines say.


Peggy Noonan got it: President Trump Declares Independence – His message to America: Remember those things I said in the campaign? I meant them. I meant it all.

The strangely changed for the better Piers Morgan, as Don Surber highlights, thought the Pres. Trump speech was pretty damn good too: Piers Morgan on the speech heard round the world

Video: Trump inauguration speech echoes … Bane … It’s to laugh.


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