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POTD: Peaceful Transition – UPDATED


After church services the Trumps arrived at the White House and were greeted by the Obamas. Mrs. Trump handed Mrs. Obama what looked to be a Tiffany’s powder blue box tied with white satin gift ribbon. It was about the size of a large frame. The Obamas seemed a bit caught off guard as they had nobody emerge from out of the White House entrance way to collect the gift, so, Barack Obama ducked inside to hand it off himself.

The two couples stood for the avalanche of photographs the press was taking.

All dressed in lovely calming blue that echoed the Tiffany’s gift box, Mrs. Trump, her beautiful long brown hair neatly gathered up at the back of her head, was wearing long dress gloves and looked very retro Jackie Kennedy. With all the anti-Trump positioning by clothing designers who are protesting the Trump victory over Hillary Clinton by refusing to “dress” the new First Lady, let it be said that Melania Trump does not need anyone to “dress” her. She’s fabulous all on her own! I ponder if she and her step-daughter and clothing designer, Ivanka, are responsible for her stunning dress this morning.


I wanted to be certain to update accurately the info on Melania Trump’s and Ivanka’s Inauguration Day daytime outfits.

Melania Trump Pick Ralph Lauren for Inauguration


First Lady of fashion? Ivanka Trump’s best outfits of the Inauguration weekend

However, Ivanka’s own line was represented by the Trump family on Inauguration Day: Trump Women Wore the Ivanka Trump Label to Inauguration Events


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