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Hollywood: Gut-Check or Political Indigestion … Both are Nothing More than Passing Gas to Them


Hollywood has not ‘gotten a clue’ for over 16 years with their slumped box office earnings/losses. Nor will they get a clue anytime soon. No, right now Hollywood is attacking and berating and demeaning the American people in the guise of attacking PEOTUS Donald Trump. We did not vote for their gal Hillary Clinton. After all, it was her turn, you know, and they know far, far more and better than we ever could what is best for this country and for us. No, Hollywood will have learned nothing from this election. You cannot face-lift the massive slap-down Americans gave the Hollywood celebrity pop culture world.

Todd S. Purdum @ Politico Magazine: How Trump Left Hollywood in the Cold – The industry’s power players had started to take White House access for granted. Now they find themselves on the wrong end of the president’s tweetstorms—and shaken that they might not understand America at all.

As the article states the genre that does bring in the profits for Hollywood are not the liberal preachy/scolding/demonizing fare Hollywood insists on making and losing money on. Oh! But it’s “art”, you unwashed illiterates! Yeah? Well, ‘art’ is sometimes nothing more than the tail end of a smelly ‘fart’. Any other industry would’ve folded by now with this horrific acceptance of losses. Hollywood has gone full-in for playing for the politically-driven Oscar statue and away from making money for the studios so that more movies can be made.

There are conservatives in Hollywood, more than will admit out of fear of being ‘black-listed’ and out of work. Some actors, and a lot more behind the scenes workers, who obviously have a higher intellect and reality about business and America than the snooty celebrities do understand that.

It’s a fairly balanced and accurate piece, which Hollywood will not read or heed. They are spoiled self-righteous rats living in their own cheese and wine bubble. Doesn’t matter if any of them did come from a red state(s) upbringing. You go to Hollywood and the ‘pod’ sucks you to a stupid husk from under the California King-size bed…

Hollywood’s top Democratic players were all set to watch one fellow liberal superstar, Barack Obama, pass the torch to another, Clinton herself. They were planning their inauguration parties, polishing their résumés and, in some cases, measuring the drapes in embassies around the world. Instead, they faced a shocking overnight reversal, as if a big budget movie that the tracking polls had guaranteed would be a blockbuster inexplicably tanked on opening weekend with no warning. A cadre of megastars and megadonors that had counted on four or eight more years of Access Washington, that has been happily benefiting from the psychic and social rewards of the increasing intermingling of celebrity culture and Democratic politics, suddenly found the door to the White House slammed squarely in its face.

And the rejection came with an extra, and especially scary, sting: It turned out that the industry supposedly known for having its finger on the popular pulse didn’t understand America—“red America,” the “real America,” the “rest of America”—at all.


Instead of galas, there were suddenly shivas. And earnest exercises in group-therapy-as-action like Willimon’s gatherings. One senior network executive held a Thanksgiving dinner for 22 people at which he put out cards with the contact information for organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Natural Resources Defense Council—causes suggested by HBO’s John Oliver in his post-election show. By the end of the meal, all were taken.

Other people started thinking even more strategically. Prospective donors have sounded out the possibilities of Electoral College reform, or nonpartisan congressional redistricting, or the best Democratic prospects for the 2018 Senate races. There has also been denial and cocooning, More than a few liberals report that they have faced the rise of the alt-right movement by just retreating and binge-watching the idealistic alt-reality of all seven seasons of “The West Wing.”

“My sense, in psychiatric terms, is that everybody is still ‘splitting,’” says a longtime political consultant to major entertainment figures, speaking on condition of anonymity so as not to offend clients. “They’re putting the election result on the shelf and are in some kind of denial, so they can just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It came as such a huge shock. People believed, understandably enough, that everything that could be done was being done and it was being done well.”


Another longtime consultant to major celebrities acknowledges that the Hollywood mood is sour, with some of the town’s biggest stars arrayed in a circular firing squad at the Clintons, the media, FBI director James Comey and one another. “The people I’m close to are mad at everybody,” he says. “And when they get over being mad at everybody, then they start pointing fingers at everybody. People are really mad. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

See, told you.

“The thing about the creative community, they don’t want anything from government,” says Ken Sunshine, a veteran publicist who represents clients like Barbra Streisand, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Natalie Portman. “You know why the chemical industry is involved politically. You know why the oil companies are. Why is the entertainment industry involved? Whatever copyright issues that may be governmentally related are bipartisan. People are involved because they want to make the world better, and frankly because they share the values of people like the Clintons, as opposed to some of the folks on the other side.”

Oh, bullshit. “The other side” happens to be the ones who have their money grabbed, along with their rights, whenever Hollywood helps DC democrats cram through the crap they believe “make the world better”. “The other side” had finally had enough and saw more of it coming down the road with Hillary.

A real question for the entertainment industry moguls who have had a prominent seat at the table in the Obama administration and were expecting perhaps an even bigger role in a second Clinton presidency, is whether Trump’s presidency will pose a kind of crisis of conscience—or confidence—for their business, or for the mass culture products they produce.


The synergies between Washington and the Hollywood fundraising-industrial complex will look a lot different under a Trump presidency than they would have under a Clinton restoration. And so, presumably, might the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which in recent years has become a near-seamless fusion of entertainment and politics.

Ya think? Nobody really gives a shit the celebrity world has sworn-off providing entertainment for the Trump inauguration festivities. We know what Hollywood thinks of the rest of us…

And what will be the impact on Hollywood’s real product, entertainment itself? Will there be a rash of programs like “The Real Housewives of Trumbull County, Ohio,” where the CNN contributor Van Jones has already plumbed voter sentiment? …

Twitchy‘s blog page is rife with Hollywood celebrities … some insisting on ALL-CAPS to put us in our place and make us listen … big ideas and opinions, often times striking out at at least half the country when they aren’t insisting the whole country is nothing but bigots, racists, haters and ____phobes. They may have jumped into the wide-world of social media, but they still insist on standing 50 feet above the rest of us in their condescension and open disdain.


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