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“And people in the media wonder why Trump, and much of the population, think the media is the enemy…”

Remember, now, the news media in this country are so fucking excited and pumped to turn themselves around and accept the challenges of covering and reporting on this new POTUS and his administration … Well, because they’ve had their collective thumb up their collective ass, if it hasn’t been in their collective mouth(es), for these last 8-9 years serving Barack Obama and dry-humping his leg. But now they’re gonna do their job, damn it!


Well, they’re off to a great start, I’ll tell ya. Here’s a sample of how that’ll be looking, America…

This is the WaPo: David Gelernter, fiercely anti-intellectual computer scientist, is being eyed for Trump’s science adviser

Computer scientist David Gelernter, a Yale University professor who has decried the influence of liberal intellectuals on college campuses, is being considered for the role of the Donald Trump’s science adviser. Gelernter met with the president-elect at Trump Tower in New York City on Tuesday, according to press secretary Sean Spicer.

Gelernter is a pioneer in the field of parallel computation, a type of computing in which many calculations are carried out simultaneously. The programming language he developed in the 1980s, Linda, made it possible to link together several small computers into a supercomputer, significantly increasing the amount and complexity of data that computers can process. Since then he has written extensively about artificial intelligence, critiquing the field’s slow progress and warning of AI’s potential dangers.

In 1993, Gelernter was seriously injured by a letter bomb sent by Ted Kaczynski, the anti-technology terrorist known as the Unabomber.

Beyond computer science circles, Gelernter has made a name for himself as a vehement critic of modern academia. In his 2013 book, “America-Lite: How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture (and Ushered in the Obamacrats),” he condemned “belligerent leftists” and blamed intellectualism for the disintegration of patriotism and traditional family values. He attributed the decline in American culture to “an increasing Jewish presence at top colleges.” (Gelernter himself is Jewish.)

In some ways, Gelernter is a characteristic Trump appointee. He shares the president-elect’s bombastic rhetorical style and disdain for elites…

So, the reader is to get their first impression, even before reading the depth of the article, that Gelernter is some low-intellect dolt. As you read the article it is blindlingly obvious the man is off the charts filled with higher intellect to be such a mega-computer pioneer. No, his problem is with the leftist/liberal/political bullshit that is passing for “intellectual” on the nation’s college campuses.


Normally I’m able to keep my equanimity in the face of the relentless stupidity of the media and even academia, but once in a while something sets me to full boil. Such as this headline and story in the Washington Post, which is beyond a disgrace even for the worst of the comPosters…


Now let’s pause and note that reporters are not responsible for headlines, so for the moment we should only say that the Post headline writer should be fired first thing tomorrow morning. After all, do you really want to employ a headline writer so clueless that he/she would write that a person who lost an eye to a terrorist bombing is being “eyed” for a White House job?


And people in the media wonder why Trump, and much of the population, think the media is the enemy.

UPDATE: A Facebook friend points me to a Time magazine profile of Gelernter:

“Inside the house, evidence of the mind of Gelernter is everywhere. The towering walls of books–including his own works on computer science, religion, popular culture, history and psychology. His works of art–some abstract, some powerfully figurative, like the life-size evocations of the great kings of Israel inspired by Christian tomb art at the Basilica of St. Denis outside Paris. Musical instruments fill the floor space. Flamboyantly colored birds survey the scene–a purple parrot in a cage near the kitchen and a multihued macaw named Ike that presides over the family room. Gelernter’s conversation runs in torrents from the prophesies of Isaiah to the subtleties of Gothic engineering to the proper design of graphical user interfaces.

Indeed, the breadth of his interests and the range of his thoughts can be overwhelming. Gelernter expresses sympathy for the graduate students in his new seminar on software design at Yale, which has been his academic home for most of his life. The students are flummoxed, he reports, by their professor’s extensive discussion of medieval architecture, specifically the so-called strainer arches at Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England. Wrought from massive stone blocks and installed nearly 700 years ago to prevent the church from collapsing, these arches are as strong as steel–and as lovely as butterfly wings. His reason for dwelling on the subject, he explains, is that all truly great designs are beautiful as well as functional. “I try to tell them, if you’re going to do anything good in software, it will be beautiful.”

Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy has called Gelernter, who pioneered breakthroughs in parallel processing, “one of the most brilliant and visionary computer scientists of our time.”

But because he disagrees with liberals, he’s a Spiro Agnew level “anti-intellectual” to the Washington Post.

Well, he’s no “Bill Nye the Science Guy”, ya know.

Note to the news MSM: “WTF” is not a response the American people should be having to your finished product. Yep, the “news” MSM has vowed to do their job now … and pump-up the rhetoric and BS…

That New York Times hit piece on Perry was unsubstantiated garbage

CNN: Assassinating Trump Could Keep Obama Administration in Power

4 Recent Examples Show Why No One Trusts Media Coverage Of Trump: The media would like to imagine themselves heroes in their war with Trump. If they don’t improve quickly, they’ll fail in their task.

As for the “intellectuals” on college campuses:



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