Ah-h-h! The American MSM Thinks It has a New Beginning … A New Purpose – UPDATED



As he exits and Trump enters, Obama reminds media they’re ‘not supposed to be sycophants’

Watch the ‘Sycophantic’ W.H. Press Corps Shower Obama with Adulation in Final Presser

So long from White House: Obama aims final messages at Trump

An open letter to Trump from the US press corps … In a nutshell, a major— no, critical mass lack of self-awareness, especially over these last 8 years and the 2016 election cycle.

Slate 2008: Michael Crichton, Vindicated: His 1993 prediction of mass-media extinction now looks on target.

In 1993, novelist Michael Crichton riled the news business with a Wired magazine essay titled “Mediasaurus,” in which he prophesied the death of the mass media—specifically the New York Times and the commercial networks. “Vanished, without a trace,” he wrote.

The mediasaurs had about a decade to live, he wrote, before technological advances—”artificial intelligence agents roaming the databases, downloading stuff I am interested in, and assembling for me a front page”—swept them under. Shedding no tears, Crichton wrote that the shoddy mass media deserved its deadly fate.

“[T]he American media produce a product of very poor quality,” he lectured. “Its information is not reliable, it has too much chrome and glitz, its doors rattle, it breaks down almost immediately, and it’s sold without warranty. It’s flashy but it’s basically junk.”


The new MSM theme: The MSM news media believes it now has a purpose to do their designated jobs for some reason. I mean, these last 8 years of carrying the Obama piss water, and the prior 8 years of unbridled trashing of Pres. George W, Bush at the deadly expense of our brave troops in battle has been a non-stop boring holiday or something for these bastards.

Obama had Scandals Aplenty: The media just pretended they didn’t exist.

Just the headlines:

New York Times Study Calls for Rapid Change in Newsroom

Trump Is Making Journalism Great Again: In his own way, Trump has set us free.

Exiting Obama administration’s WH Press Sec Josh Earnest: Journalists’ work has ‘never been more important’

CNN’s Jeff Zucker on Covering Donald Trump — Past, Present, and Future

CNN Missed – Or Ignored – Key Facts About Tom Price’s Health Care Stocks

IowaHawk burns media, aka ‘the opposition party’, with their OWN words and stats


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