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These are A Few of My Favorite Things … Today

Billionaire George Soros Lost Nearly $1 Billion in Weeks After Trump Election

His Way! Inside Paul Anka’s Top-Secret Performance Plan For Trump Inauguration – The music legend is re-writing the lyrics to an entire song.

And Ed Driscoll’s take: “I assume this time, the guys will get shirts — and they’ll be the softest most luxurious shirts you can imagine. So many shirts, you’ll be sick of all the shirts.”

A Treasure Trove of Cronies: Hillary’s List Of Cabinet Picks Revealed, Including Black Person To Be Named Later


You damn Trump voters have thrown Hillary’s daughter and grandson out into the freezing NYC streets!!!

Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis’s volume of golden quotes grows at his Senate hearing: “We have to stay focused on a military that is so lethal that on the battle field it will be the enemy’s longest day & worst day”

Trump Pentagon likely to abandon social experiments for core mission under Mattis, say experts

The legendary A-10 looks like it’s here to stay after being upgraded by the Air Force

Why Sen. Tim Scott continues to be one of my heroes and continues to put the CBC to shame…

Tim Scott’s Savage Comeback to Being Called ‘House N***a’ Was Only One-Word, But DAMN


HuffPo’s Julia Ioffe takes break from Trump incest jokes to flaunt her historical illiteracy

‘WON’T BE BULLIED’: Linda Bean fires back at libs calling for boycott of L.L. Bean over her support of Trump


Oregon Zoo animals have a blast on snow day


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