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No Sympathy for the Bedwetting MSM Devil


If in 2008 the MSM decided and said it was their “job to see Obama succeed”, what’s their job now that Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump will be sworn into the presidency in a week?

Note: The media has had this information for months, going back to the campaign cycle, and only chose to puke it up yesterday by way of CNN and Buzzfeed? The media doesn’t do anything without agenda or ulterior motive. Here is a scathing look at how this current dust-up between Trump and the MSM came about. It is from National Review, who has absolutely no love for Donald Trump:

The Trump ‘Kompromat’ Story Is Disturbing — Every Bit of It

Molly Hemingway @ The Federalist: Trump Took Bold Stance Against Media Shenanigans

And this: The Sordid History of the Firm Behind the Trump-Russia Dossier – Meet Fusion GPS.

Ace: Firm Behind Trump Dossier Also Claimed Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Were Deceptively Edited

So, Trump’s strong response to CNN and the media in general at yesterday’s presser were warranted and a very good move…

Trump throws the brushback pitch

The current #FakeNews gambit against PEOTUS Donald Trump involves unsubstantiated and, according to Trump and others, incorrect, inaccurate and/or fake alleged intel information of an alleged linking of Russia with Trump. The news media, more precisely CNN and the liberal news blog Buzzfeed, presented this steaming pile of erroneous intel scandal bullshit as proof Russia and Vlad Putin will use whatever to control Trump as POTUS, more directly by blackmail.

That in and of itself, is some of the most lame bullshit logic and reasoning in the face of a massive granite mountain of solid evidence that was forged from the bowels of Washington D.C. while Secretary of State the media’s beloved DNC candidate Hillary Clinton showed she had set herself and the Oval Office up as a huge future quid quo pro operation in exchange for massive amounts of foreign donations directly into the suspiciously run Clinton Foundation, or via ridiculous speaking fees for herself and her husband Bill Clinton around the world and on Wall Street. THAT was/is some fully-loaded blackmail-rich environment right there.

Since the 2008 election cycle Hillary Clinton had built an unprecedented IOU to countless entities far outside the duty of serving the American people, based solely on her (and the left’s) arrogant assumption that come 2016 the presidency of the United States was hers by some sort of “her turn” default … That the campaigning of an election cycle was nothing more than a formality. A couple months later the Clintons find incoming funds to their family’s foundation have all but dried-up and Hillary is not going to be in a position of following through on her end of the bargain with whomever she made promises to on policy, etc.

But the media, and the left, are reeling from PEOTUS Trump’s direct and physical/vocal umbrage to one of the members of the media, CNN, for their part in the irresponsible reporting of this latest in-vetted, in-investigated, unsubstantiated #FakeNews sewage the lazy MSM has become very addicted to. Why? Well, because the MSM’s responsibility and integrity have completely dissolved into a puddle of mud staffed by mud-slinging reporters and editors (especially in the audio/video editing departments).

At yesterday’s press conference PEOTUS Trump pointed at CNN reporter Jim Acosta who not only was not taking “No question for you!” as a response from Trump but for his own bad behavior in not sitting down and shutting up to save himself some trouble. Now Acosta and CNN are pouting about the scary unfair ‘free speech’ villain Trump.

“When you’re a celebrity it’s adios reality…”

The cold hard reality is the MSM, specifically the news media, has worked very hard to make themselves a huge part of the news over these last couple decades. Now they are getting caught red-handed and are being scorned and scolded.

Ah! The poor, poor vilified and victimized news media…

Let me first say that I sorta-kinda liked the return, yesterday in Trump’s first presser as PEOTUS, to ‘old school’ format where reporters have to vie for attention from the POTUS. Since it was ended (I think it was during the Reagan administration when POTUS picking and calling on reporters in a silent press room?) the pressers seem too limited, anticipated, and even scripted as witnessed with the last 8 years of the Obama admin. So, a return to the old method seems refreshing and genuine, just as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

Next, privileged, and microphone/camera access wealthy, actress Meryl Streep tried to defend the liberal news media in her speech. And now we have CNN wiping their nose and spitting mucus over yesterday’s Trump press conference rejection and scolding.

Here’s a clue for the media … You have spent more than 8 years, actually16 going back to your war on Bush and our military, acting like vengeful junkyard mutts gnawing on and carrying a biased bone for a “Progressive” agenda movement. Contrary to what you and Ms. Streep’s ilk think, the American people might be lazy but they’re not stupid. They’re awake and have had more than enough of your BS. The 24/7 cable news feed might be a utility to a lot of Americans, but it is also a utility that can either be switched over to something else more pleasing/acceptable, or simply turned off and walked away from.

This is obviously the case with the equally guilty hardcopy newspaper industry’s tanked sales and subscriptions, and drop in outside ad revenues. The news media collectively needs to either live up to its intended purpose or finally loudly admit they are a biased opinion and propaganda arm of one political group and ideology in this country and are determined campaigners for one side while trying to destroy the other side, as many Americans have concluded.

If sincerely deciding to return the industry, or even your individual news channel/network/group, to hard news then you must also decide to strictly return to the most responsible behavior and methods of classic news gathering, investigating, vetting and writing before presenting it as ‘news reporting’ to the public. No more spoon-feeding mood and tone, and selectively offering facts and figures especially without context and background. The industry and its news organizations must return to making the noted distinction and separation between ‘news’ and ‘opinion/editorializing’. On television the old school on screen cyron stating something is ‘opinion’ or ‘editorial’ must return. Yes, this goes for cable TV’s primetime TV offerings that cover news stories and issues embedded within an hour of opinionating and debate. Some Americans really are not understanding the format they are watching and wrongly consider it ‘news reporting’, when it is the host(s) placing news on the anchor desk as topic for opinionating and debating. Not everyone viewing recognizes this, especially when they see the “N” within your network’s acronym they know stands for ‘news’.

Next, stop it … just stop.

Several years ago I heard a journalist defending the slipping and sliding American news MSM and stating the MSM polices itself. To this day I still laugh out loud … scoffing of course.

You MSMers have completely morphed into nothing but ratings-at-any-cost whores, gotcha and political sting tabloid purveyors, and paparazzi vultures. I mean, come on now! I have seen your organizations even selectively using stellar photographs for one group’s politicians while sifting through the hundreds of rapid-fire stills for the worst image of the other group’s politicians. Meryl Streep and her oh-so-put-upon “vilified” Hollywood bubbleheads don’t put up with that bullshit from their circus of press entities, why the Hell should Americans accept it from the alleged “watchdogs” who were designed to keep us honestly and factually and unbiasedly informed so WE can decide how/what WE feel about a news story or issue? Any ridiculous “victimhood” you think you are feeling from us or even this in-coming administration is your own sick-headed, self-induced, personally-responsible persecution complex. Lapdog is NOT watchdog. The rolling-up of much of today’s news offerings and smacking you on the collective nose(s) with it is pretty much the most useful your product has become. And a lot of it has even fallen below bird cage bottom or puppy training worthy.

You spent over 9 years coddling, propping up, and bowing to Obama and his administration, and carrying their water and talking points. You dared, a small couple of times therein, to complain about the lack of openness, availability, and transparency of this White House, and then obediently tucked tail and backed away when checking the angry and/or threatening WH texts/messages on your electronic devices. Some of your most honest members (Sharyl Attkisson for example) have been punished for trying their damnedest to do their job properly and responsibly and have left the organized news industry because of its political conformity and self-censorship and lockstep. Over these last 9 years there are several compilation videos of members of your own competing networks/agencies using the same damn tag words in news stories! How in Hell do you explain that line-crossing group-think?

You all need to check yourselves because you’ve already messed yourselves. If you demand respect it is time you recognize you have not practiced it yourselves. Not with your targets and definitely not with the American people. You are not a branch of the US government. We do not owe you a damn thing. You have assumed a power that is not yours to hold. You provide an information product, and for years now your product is crap. Only you can fix it, and that can only be done if you genuinely want to help yourselves. If not you will never again be afforded our trust and respect. And those are just the facts.

Seriously, the only peeing going on is the liberal MSM whores (and that includes Hollywood) pissing themselves with denial that they, Hillary, the democrat party, Obama and the “Progressive” fascist socialist agenda for this nation and her people have been wholly rejected.

Yeah, Jim, not so fast…


Trump’s Presser Shows Media Double Standard On Politicians Attacking The Press: The idea that this kind of singling out of press members by politicians is new and especially catastrophic is odd. Remember de Blasio and Obama doing the same?

Donald Trump a Reality Check for Media

Glenn Reynolds:

“Plus, some related thoughts of mine from last night. The best thing would be to have an honest, competent, reasonably fair press. It’s not entirely clear what the second-best thing is.”

Why the media’s Trump dossier coverage is suicidal

The apparent “New and Improved” Piers Morgan echoes my view on the MSM’s new oldest profession: The only hookers in this story are the cheap, lazy journalists who ran with fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his presidency

Fake News: When Leftist Foundations Fund Activism Posing as Journalism

Not to worry, liberals. You do have a friend at FNC via Shep Smith

Fat and Stupid Lifer Michael Moore: Trump Is ‘The Godfather of This Decade’s Fake News’Facebook Starting Journalism Project to Improve Relationship With Media


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