Hollywood’s ‘White Privilaged’ Meryl Streep: The People Choose Wrong…

Butt-hurt Hollywood, the self-appointed dictatorial hierarchy of our society, put on some self-righteous indignation #PreparationStreep at Sunday night’s Golden Globes TV show. Oh, all of the election results outraged, privileged limo-lib-elites out in Hollywood are hoisting up actress Meryl Streep as their queen after her self-righteous indignation speech on the low-rated show. Well, maybe not ALL of the Hollywood community…


While I know Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn have some conservative leanings, Gibson a devout Catholic that has gone head-to-head with Hollywood more than once and come out alive and working, and Vaughn a Libertarian, I cannot place the woman in the green dress rolling her eyes behind the clapping seal in the foreground. I sort of recognize her as an actress, but not clicking with my memory. I already know there is an underground of conservatives out in Hollywood, some actors and directors/producers, but mostly in the behind the scenes worker community. They all pretty much have to stay silent or Hollywood will punish them with no work. Yes, ‘black-listing’. Either way, even some Hollywood liberals know and understand who butters their bread, and what counties provide said butter and wheat…


… and are sorta-kinda worried their product will be left on the shelf by the very people, Trump voters, peers such as Meryl Streep continue to vocally trash and condemn. Anyhow, even if those who did not act like excited monkeys vying for a banana or seals begging for a smelly fish did agree with some/most of what Meryl Streep was saying they might have had well-enough of the election and/or the Hollywood yakety-yakers shooting off their mouths and pissing off more than half the country that is sticking the industry in the wallet over Hollywood’s fascistic blathering. Don’t forget, Hollywood was part of the “you’re racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, sexists, stupid, ignorant, haters, etc.” campaign for Hillary Clinton. Hell, some of these self-important fuckers Sunday night were probably in that closed door fundraising party in New York last fall where Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” proclamation was energetically received by the pampered and privileged party-goers. We do know Streep was at the huge taxpayer-sucked Obama house party at our White House last Friday. Could be where she lost her voice.

Hollywood is NOT “the most vilified” in American society, Mz. Streep. Read all the violent vitriol aimed at 1/2 the American people, by her candidate Hillary and by Hillary sycophants post-election, many in Streep’s own industry and some, even actors, calling for death to Trump voters. Christians, conservatives, middle America, rural Americans, rural and suburban Americans, “whites” and “white men” in particular, sexually ‘straight’ people especially those seeking to protect their loved ones in public restrooms, and others who do not march in lockstep with the “Progressive” agenda are the most vilified … and these…

OUCH: Dana Loesch levels Meryl Streep’s claim about who’s ‘vilified’

And so, Hollywood surely does not not need our hard-earned money, eh?

Also, Streep urges the news media – the liberal news media – to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and be watchdogs. Seriously? The same news media that vetted Barack Obama in 2008. The same news media that continues to ignore Hillary Clinton’s lies, in addition to the countless evidence-based scandals such as her part in “Fast and Furious”, her responsibility in the Benghazi attack and the follow-up cover-up, her selling access and future favors to foreign countries while sitting in the State Department, her illegal use of an unauthorized server and then destroying the evidence after being told to hand it, government property, over to Congress, and the various other troubling things that would’ve had the MSM burning the proverbial candle at both ends and the middle were they attached to Trump or any other republican running against her. All I ask is they do the same job they, the news media, did for the last 8 years with Obama and Hillary. How’s that, #PreparationStreep?

MAMA MIA! Ben Shapiro CRUSHES Meryl Streep and the other ‘bullies in Hollywood’

So, the debunking of Streep’s scripted bloviation is still being debunked and chastised for it’s core error.

Streep held back her liberal tears as she spun a fictional tale about the ‘performance’ she had witnessed of the GOP candidate cruelly impersonating a disabled reporter…

Here’s why:
Trump did not deliberately make fun of a disabled NYTimes reporter as shown in a timeline video of years of Trump doing the same shtick at the microphone numerous times in the past. It’s Trump’s uncouth tic…

Barack H. Obama, however, has precisely used the disabled as the butt of a joke on TV, and the libs adored and excused it because, Hell, it was just a joke

And I will point out that Meryl Streep, a staunch “uber-feminist” and Hillary Clinton supporter, is a very pro-abortion activist. She is of the ilk that believes any sort of deemed “disability” to the unborn baby is justification for aborting the useless baby from the sanctuary of the mother’s womb. So there’s that.

How can Meryl Streep attack Trump for mocking the weak when she supports the brutal treatment of the unborn?

And there are a couple more blinding hypocrisies in Streep’s outrage…

Streep tagged her Hollywood industry (and the news media) as the most vilified people in the nation … Hell, the world … as they all sat in thousand dollar tuxes and suits, and 50 pound tens-of-thousands-of-dollars sparkling designer gowns (only after a thorough high-colonic cleansing so as to suck in their tummies a bit smaller to fit in them) and thousand dollar stiletto shoes, munching on exotic hors d’oeuvre and tipping back pricy alcohol (all before scampering-off post-show to exclusive parties given the wealthiest in their industry).

Really? While the American public freely chooses not to see the entertainment industries’ movies or television offerings, or buy their crap music, perhaps Streep and her fellow script-readers have a hate for any private business/services owner who freely choses to follow their religion and not provide for a LGBT wedding, and are forced to do so either through threat of lawsuit or even prosecution. That not nearly being enough punishment, even loss of the business and their livelihood.

It is even more difficult now to accept anything any of these smug nose-bleeders in the entertainment world say. These champions of “free speech” and “tolerance” are upset because they are receiving backlash from the public in general for all their political bullshit, name-calling, and bullying over the years (which came to a huge pustule head this election cycle), especially after calling us the vile names they did during the last 8 years of their alleged “first ‘black’ president”, and worsened when they could not do enough to cover-up their chronic-liar, ill-tempered, inept, politically-entitled, and criminal “first woman president” during the campaign. They are, and always have been, a ‘poor loser’ class in this country. Typically it is between their own competitive business, but now those who buy the skyrocketing tickets at the theater box office, well, aren’t buying any of what’s coming out of Hollywood. And Streep’s bitching Sunday night didn’t do her or her industry any favors for the consumer public that is sick and tired of the divisive mood and movement going on in this country for well-over the last 8 years.

Streep went on to champion and flaunt “foreigners” working as ‘actors’ in her industry. Well, yeah … I guess it’s a bit over her pointy head to understand they are here LEGALLY!!! Our problem is with the surrendering of our sovereignty and law enforcement to those flooding us illegally, and those who are carelessly and not vetted taken into our nation from countries with terrorism.

Her speech was nothing but self-promotion and an attention-getting ploy, as is the case in the morning light. Had she strutted on stage naked there might have been more honesty displayed than her lame-brain-storm she recited like a good little memorized actress…

Here is Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech, but I’ll save you the *yawn* worthy trouble of watching and listening to the video and offer you this condensed version of Streep’s real thought(s):

NEVER doubt, this “I’m better than you” Hollywood creature really did not attack PEOTUS Sunday night in her speech. She was attacking more than half the nation. And she and her comrades will continue to do so. They are only just beginning. She, and they, are cowards of the highest order.

Oh, Meryl Streep, standing on a well-lighted stage in front of like-minded people and easy access to an international TV camera and microphone is “brave”…

Here’s what Meryl Streep would have said if she REALLY wanted to be ‘brave’



Matt Walsh: Don’t flatter yourself, Meryl Streep. You people are the biggest bullies of all.

Meghan McCain: ‘This Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won’

Paul Krugman goes on bizarre Streep/Trump rant, melts down spectacularly

Let’s see, what happened to us?

  • Eight years of Obama, happened to us.
  • Being lectured constantly about how racist we are, happened to us.
  • Having our health care choices limited or even taken, happened to us.
  • Listening to a president talk about how awful America is, happened to us.

Here’s the thing Krugman and others (like Streep) will never understand – everyday Americans matter. Our ideas, our thoughts, our beliefs, matter EVEN if we disagree with the elites. And sorry Democrats, as much as you like to pretend you’re the party of the people, this election more than any other has proven you’re the 1%.

You are, as Krugman said, the “mensches.”

Meryl Streep’s promotion of ‘fake news’ at the Golden Globes

And what the Hell has happened to Piers Morgan these days since leaving CNN? He’s making sense: Sorry, Meryl but that hypocritical anti-Trump rant was easily the worst performance of your career (apart from that time you gave a child rapist a standing ovation)

FLASHBACK: Meryl Streep give child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation at 2003 Oscars.


2 comments on “Hollywood’s ‘White Privilaged’ Meryl Streep: The People Choose Wrong…

  1. […] A week ago a wealthy white Hollywood actress of great privilege, on many levels, stood on the world stage and took aim at the majority of the nation that elected Donald Trump as the next POTUS, and she then tried to shield herself and her liberal/leftist ilk as the most “vilified” in society today. Oh, really, Ms. Streep? If Hollywood and the press want to enter the messy arena of political debate they too are subject to being called out and vehemently disagreed with, especially when you/they stoop to demeaning Americans in the manner by which you have adopted in these last several years. […]


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