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The Not-So-Hidden Purpose Behind “The Russians Hacked the Election”


No matter what the precise, and not so ‘precise (a heavy lack of evidence has been presented with the report) the false narrative and false premise will always remain the #FakeNews “the Russians hacked the 2016 presidential election”. Will ALWAYS REMAIN. ALWAYS. In direct spite of the fact that in their investigation the US intel agencies said no actual voting machines or election boards were hacked, or votes tampered with and changed.

To what purpose, other than to tried to throw shade on the Trump presidency?

Well, this:

Feds will guard voting machines after Russian hack

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson made the announcement soon after the release of a declassified intelligence report showed that Russian hackers had sought to undermine the 2016 elections by seeking to “denigrate” Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Given the vital role elections play in this country, it is clear that certain systems and assets of election infrastructure meet the definition of critical infrastructure, in fact and in law,” said Johnson. “Particularly in these times, this designation is simply the right and obvious thing to do.”

The determination had been in the works by the agency for months. Many states opposed the action, fearing it would lead to increased federal regulation and oversight of locally run and managed voting operations.

Once again the federal government will be interloping into what is the states’ responsibility.

As a matter of fact, the only hacking that went on with such actual election systems was found to have been done by … the DHS.


As for the alleged hacking of the non-governmental DNC and Podesta emails: Priebus says Democrats to blame for email hack

Roger L. Simon @ PJM says, “Of all the tantrums being thrown by the Democrats in their inability to accept defeat and move on, perhaps the most absurd is the Great Russian Hacking Scandal.”

And in all of Jill “Also Ran” Stein’s money-grubbing election recounts the only irregularities and voter fraud have been from democrats in democrat areas.

MSM biased in favor of Clinton, now blindly supports ‘Russian hack’ reports – WikiLeaks envoy

JOHN HINDERAKER: Intelligence Report Proves Nothing


NYT Ignores Key Line From Intel Report In Rush To Make Trump Look Bad

Kellyanne Conway: Where was the uproar when private citizens’ information was hacked under Obama?

Obama’s big lie

Wikileaks Offers $20,000 Reward For Info On Obama Admin Destroying Records

White House Shifts Blame From Obama When Confronted With Damaging Stat on Sluggish Growth


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