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Obama’s Real Legacy of Rancid Racism and Chaos Bubbling to the Surface


Special-needs man tortured while attackers stream it on Facebook

Remember now, we are forbidden from saying “All lives matter”, especially in these obvious situations. This mentally deficient young man invaded their safe space and is threatening to them.

He, the victim, is being called a “man”, even though his age is in the same range as those kidnappers/torturers who the news and authorities are also calling “youths”. And it can’t be a ‘racist/political hate crime’ because look at that guy. He has all the power over them, you know. See how that works? And he may be mentally deficient, but this gang of thugs are extremely mentally ill, not only for doing this to him, but for broadcasting it with their own smug and laughing mugs fully planted in plain view. Just try and defend this shit. Just try and make excuses for these vile creatures…

So much rancid bullshit bubbling to the surface in this country right now as that asshole Obama leaves office. And the MSM and the race-baiting leftist fuckers are more than eager to forge the ongoing narrative of blaming ‘white people’, ‘white men’, and ‘Trump’…

CNN Panelist Blames Trump For Racist Torture of Mentally Disabled Man – Chicago police say attack was “stupid,” unlikely to be a hate crime

Get it? It was “stupid” and “sickening”, but not “racist”, dontcha know. Don’t you dare call it ‘racist’. Oh, and after this last year of Donald Trump and his racist supporters/voters being all ‘racist’ and ‘violent’ whites are getting what they deserve because these poor ‘youths’ are so fucking frightened and helpless and—

This is a satirical account on Twitter, but it is always spot-on in the mentality of Obama and the administration, as it is here…

The victim in Chicago is not responsible for what happened to him.
Donald Trump and his supporters are not responsible for what happened to him.
“White men” are not responsible for what happened to him.
Yes, the administration and activists like BLM are partly responsible for setting up the racist and hateful mood in this nation … and the MSM, of course:

But the responsibility lies squarely on those who chose to kidnap and torture this disabled man for TWO DAYS (48hrs), or anyone else for that matter.
And now the responsibility lies directly with the Chicago criminal authorities and Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make an example of these thugs by throwing the book at them, especially in the wake of their 2016 record-breaking murder rate. And this is at least the second anti-Trump lynching of a white individual inside Chicago.


Glenn Reynolds:


Four people were taken into custody Wednesday in Chicago after a Facebook Live video appeared to show a young man being tied up, assaulted, and threatened as assailants yelled obscenities about Donald Trump.
In the video posted online Tuesday, a young white man is seen restrained, his mouth covered with duct tape as he sits on the ground. A young black man holding a knife cuts his clothing as well as his scalp.
“Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people,” the man says.
The four people taken into custody are expected to be charged, Chicago police said at a news conference. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said the treatment of the young man, who he described as having “mental health challenges,” was disturbing.
Johnson said police were investigating if the incident was a hate crime, but so far he said there was no indication it was motivated by politics or race.

If the races were reversed, there would be near-unanimous media efforts to blame Trump, and they wouldn’t be waiting until all the facts were in to do it.

Walter Hudson @ PJM mortally hits the whole “hate crime” legislation, as it should be pummeled:

If four white thugs kidnapped and assaulted a black man with special needs while shouting “f— Obama, f— blacks,” there would be no hesitation to call it a hate crime.

This highlights the inherent flaw in the concept of a hate crime: its subjectivity. Did the perpetrators mean what they said, or were they just “ranting and raving”? Should it matter? Isn’t the important point that they assaulted an innocent person? Isn’t the action our primary concern?

While motive can stand as evidence of guilt, it should not be a crime in its own right. Motive is thought, and we’re not supposed to have thought crimes. The point of concern is the action which motive prompts.

BOOM!!! Mic-drop!


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