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ObamaCare Repeal/Replace: Nancy Pelosi and Fellow Dems Fire-Off Death and Destruction Warnings Before Even “Seeing What’s in It”

Yeah, because this has worked out pretty damn good for you shitheads these last 7 years under the crushing weight of ObamaCare…


Ahead of a closed door meeting with Obama today, House Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi, issued this warning to the GOP:

“The fact is, it’s the old thing of going into a china shop: you break it, you own it. And this is, they’re dealing with something – when I say complex, it’s sophisticated,” Nancy Pelosi said.

This filthy rich moonbat said ObamaCare is too complex and sophisticated for the GOP to dare touch, and equated them to a bull in a china shop??

Perhaps this West coast witch would care to explain why something allegedly designed to make ‘healthcare’ easier and affordable went from roughly 3 thousand pages upon its arrival onto Obama’s desk for signing into well over a 7′ tall stack … AND is far, far from “affordable … affordable … affordable” with people, the hard working middle class, paying higher premiums and deductibles, many never having a dollar in coverage coming from the damn plan by the end of a year, after being promised it would be much simpler/easy and save us money. Since the democrats and administration shoved this down this nation’s throat, damaging jobs and the economy in the process, it’s grown like a deadly cancer..


Democrats are completely oblivious to the fact that no matter how many of them indignantly stepped up to the microphone and cameras after their closed door meeting with Barack Obama to defend ObamaCare with the designated talking-points and slogans to feed the MSM…

The big democrat talking-point premiered to the leftist MSM today is “Make America Sick Again”.

Shameless Nancy Pelosi warns Americans about unexpected house guest if Obamacare is repealed

… the fact remains that repealing and replacing of the failed ObamaCare law was a YUGE factor of this last election advancing Donald Trump to the presidency and the GOP retaining control of both houses of Congress … and handing democrats their historic losses. The only people they are lying to who still believe their bullshit is themselves. So, keep keeping on, democrats.

Now then, we are going back to having people “dying in the streets”, according to the democrats…

Except that for the last 7 years the GOP has sent several … that’s several with an S-E-V-E-R-A and an L … changes/replacements to the Senate that died in Harry Reid’s office trash can.


‘He knows it’s garbage’: Obama’s rallying cry to Dems about O-care contained a heckuva Freudian slip

The Parliamentary Tactic That Could Obliterate Obamacare

FLASHBACK: This is from about 6 years ago. Can only imagine the tally on waivers and subsidies in Pelosi’s district.

‘Too funny’! Hey Dems, #MakeAmericaSickAgain was already in use (go ask Alice, Sen. Schumer)



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