Report: FOX News Channel’s Top Fox Leaving the #1 Network for Floundering NBC


As if she hadn’t already set the bridge on fire with a lot of her viewers during the election year…

Megyn Kelly Is Leaving Fox News for NBC

Megyn Kelly, who arrived at Fox News 12 years ago as a television news neophyte but rose to become one of its two biggest stars, has decided to leave the network to take on a broad new role at NBC News for an undisclosed salary, NBC announced Tuesday afternoon.

The NBC News chairman, Andrew Lack, wooed Ms. Kelly away from Fox News by offering her a triple role in which she will host her own daytime news and discussion program, anchor an in-depth Sunday night news show and take regular part in the network’s special political programming and other big-event coverage.

The move will herald a seismic shift in the cable news landscape, where Ms. Kelly had become the second-most watched host — after Bill O’Reilly of Fox News — and often helped define the national political debate, especially over the last year as Donald J. Trump regularly attacked her, at times in viciously personal terms.

Ms. Kelly’s departure will upend Fox News’s vaunted prime-time lineup and inject a new dose of tumult just a few months after the departure of the network’s powerful founding chairman, Roger Ailes, who was ousted after several women made allegations that he sexually harassed them.

The new deal brings to a close the most anticipated television news contract negotiations since Katie Couric signed with CBS News in 2006, for $15 million a year…

And we see how well that went for Couric. She did nothing for the dinosaur network and ended up on Yahoo! Global News as an anchor where nobody sees her.

News viewers, who are FOX fans and conservatives, had already taken a great umbrage with Kelly for her questioning of Donald Trump and his alleged sexism during the first GOP debate … For which Trump threw fuel on the fire by making unnecessary personal attacks on Megyn Kelly via Twitter and interviews. Those same FOX fans, and FOX News Channel viewers in general, loathe NBC, and more precisely it’s cable clown car offering MSNBC.

Megyn Kelly is trying to find her footing after the messy Trump exchanges (where some Trump loyalists blamed and torched her), the sexual harassment scandal at FNC involving the now gone Roger Ailes (which she made her own allegations against him amid the dust-up), and a bit of an unsteady prime-time ratings terra firma in a time-slot she had before firmly locked in her favor. Since the primary debate kerfuffle Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have buried the hatchet, but the damage is done.

I guess I’m one of the few who hate to see her go, although I’ve eased way off of FNC prime-time since the election campaign cycle out of mental preservation. Megyn Kelly is very strong-willed, highly intelligent, and confident. I just think she became the female version of bill O’Reilly, if you will, and people tolerate O’Reilly but are not so tolerable when it is a woman.

As for her 9:00pm time slot, Tucker Carlson, who took the vacated Greta Van Sustren 7:00pm time slot from temp Brit Hume post-election, and is getting fantastic viewership and ratings could very well be bumped upward to 9:00pm. I guess we shall see.

Anyhow, my advice to Megyn Kelly would be to stay the Hell away from MSNBC, and stick strictly with NBC News.


4 comments on “Report: FOX News Channel’s Top Fox Leaving the #1 Network for Floundering NBC

  1. Honey:

    I thought the questioning was due. If not her somebody else from some other network would have done it. I think he handled it badly and escalated it into something it didn’t need to become. Perhaps she was actually giving him the opportunity to lay it all out and get it over with?


    As long as the 7:00 slot does NOT go back to Shep Smith!

    Earlier this afternoon Greta tweeted she thought Kimberly Guilfoyle would be a good pick for the 9:00pm slot. I keep forgetting KG is a lawyer, and so is MK and I had that sort of ‘from a legal angle’ feel during the Kelly File.

    I also adore Charles Payne of FBN and would love to see him in primetime running a show desk on FNC.


  2. I never had any objection to Megan Kelly’s questioning of Trump about his language about women. If you want to run for president, be ready to face the music. Trump was his usual indignant self which we were to discover in the rest of the primary. I applauded Kelly for that question.
    My objection to Megan Kelly was that she was not a true conservative the way I saw it. Now she is at home in a liberal network. She will do well for all of the reasons listed in the comment above.
    Incidentally, like many Trump skeptics, I am very pleasantly surprised so far. Thanks, Mike Pence and Kelly Anne Conway.


  3. No surprise, really. I’ve been expecting it immediately following the New Year holiday and she didn’t waste any time. I think she was always looking at one of the big three and chose NBC because they don’t have any real stars there anymore and there is a big hole for her to muscle into. All she has to do is keep segueing over to the kind of stuff she’d done on location over the last several months, starting with that show with the Duggar family. Insisting she’s a NEWS person, JOURNALIST, while veering off now and again to show off her ability to bring sensational stories with objective empathy (whatever that is) is a hallmark of the STARS at those networks. Plus she’s a dish, sharp, quick and funny. She’ll do great and it won’t be long before she has a Barbara Walters type show. What sort of format her regular program takes will be interesting to see. If she (and NBC) hope to swing Fox News viewers over, she would have to stick to the format of her first few years in that prime time spot.

    You’re right about Tucker Carlson. He’s burning up the wires (or is it ether, now) and will likely move into the 9 slot. Hannity seems to be reforming now that the election is over and hopefully we won’t be getting that constant drone of bullet-fire goals that he’d been reciting for the past two years. He’s off to a BIG splash with Assange from London beginning tonight. That’s a great programming triumph to bury the Kelly story, as well. If Sean takes up an orderly agenda of keeping the bullet points to the fore and keeps a steady pressure on exposing the squishy legislators and weaselly opposition players.

    As for that 7 pm slot, I think Fox has a deep bench and as several ‘contributors’ have peeled away to serve either on Trump’s campaign or staff, they’ve brought to the fore several new younger people they’d been giving space/time to throughout the day and over all sectors of interest. Hard News (WH, Pentagon, SCOTUS, Congress, Economy, Banking, Legal and Pop Culture. Between FNC and FBN, they have lots of very attractive, very savvy and smart people who could easily graduate to fill that space. If indeed the Fox operation has attracted more viewers among millennials, minorities and other-thans, people like Dagen McDowell, Melissa Francis, Ebony Williams, Kennedy, to name just a few of the women and Guy Benson, Pete Hegseth, Ric Grenell, among the men. Quite a collection of NON-white old men!!!

    I would love to see a serious program exploring Economics and the US Constitution aimed at the under-40 audience. Of all the topics that are sadly missing from the horizon and sorely needed now, those two would help a lot. They don’t translate well to a talk format per se, but if the exploration included a real life example of those principles in action, it might. Maybe what we need is MIKE ROWE!!! How’s that for an idea?

    I guess I’d been thinking about this for a while!!!


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