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The Delusional One(s)

This guy is a malignancy…

Fly like an ego! Obama informs America of intention to become Progress-Ensurer-in-Chief

Obama: I won’t leave on Jan 20

‘Obama doesn’t know how to leave White House with dignity’

Will Obama leave office in 2017?: Exclusive: Joseph Farah examines many examples of Obama’s ‘contempt of the law’


Frank Luntz: Trump has a ‘Thank You Tour’; Obama is Doing a ‘F-You Tour’

And this bullshit…

Your first HEE-HAW of 2017: Valerie Jarrett (of all people) says Obama had NO scandals while president

Meanwhile, in Realityville

How Trump clears Obama’s minefield

And then there’s the American MSM, who seriously believed Hillary would hand them another 8 years of video game playing at their office computers and smart phones but are now having heart palpitations over a Trump administration and how they now MUST put on their war gear and hold it responsible…

Ann Althouse: Chuck Todd’s emotional journalism.

On ‘Meet the Press’ today, Chuck Todd — interviewing the NYT executive editor Dean Baquet — showed a disturbing inability to do his job, to be a professional journalist. I don’t see what’s so hard about understanding professionalism. You’re a journalist, you cover the people in the news, and you don’t let the subjects of the news shake you up by telling you you’re doing it wrong. As long as you are following principles of professionalism — maybe you aren’t and that’s your problem — you should be able to stand your ground firmly. Yet somehow, Donald Trump’s criticism of journalists is dogging him:

CHUCK TODD: This presents a very difficult situation. I face it myself personally from him sometimes, we face it as a network, where he personalizes coverage and disagreements about coverage with the organization and sometimes with individual reporters. You’re a human being, I’m a human being. It’s not easy sometimes doing that.

Is Todd play-acting, trying to drum up sympathy? It makes no sense. Consumers of journalism don’t worry about how the reporters feel. But Todd could be mistaken and think acting wounded will cause viewers to want to defend him against mean old Trump. I doubt it. So maybe Todd really is hurting. But that seems ridiculous. Cover the news! If someone in the news is a gigantic bastard, so much the better for the news provider. Tell the story. What’s this “I’m a human being” business?

Todd asks Baquet: “How are you instructing your journalists to handle the personal attacks that may come his way in a very public setting?” This is an odd question, and not just because of the awkward, ungrammatical “his.” It assumes instruction must be given to reporters, like they’re snowflakes in need of a safe room.

This from a member of the very same MSM, and to a larger degree with NBC/MSNBC being one of the BIGGEST Obama sycophants, that for 8 years not only did not do their designated job(s) but wholly refused to so that they could carry Obama’s sloshing-water bed pan.


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