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Making Hangover Mimosas Out of 2016 New Years Eve Flattening Bubbles


Jello Shots:

Here’s seven of the most absurd ‘academic’ studies of 2016

These Are The 10 Most Mispronounced Words of 2016

AP Poll: US Election Voted Top News Story of 2016

5 Politically Incorrect Moments in TV and the Movies in 2016

9 times the media attacked Trump supporters

So long 2016: 10 stories that made this year unbelievable

Biggest Snowflake Meltdowns on College Campuses in 2016

2016 Out Like It Came In:

The Annual CNN New Years Eve Fiasco

Notable deaths of 2016: Famous people who died this year (PHOTOS)

“THE FERGUSON EFFECT LIVES ON: Violence in American cities rose again in 2016, as cops backed off proactive policing.”

Istanbul attack: Dozens killed at Turkish nightclub

California Democrats legalize child prostitution … And THESE are the people we are supposed to allow to chose for us in the event of bowing to the “popular vote” in our national elections.

Nothing says ‘progress’ like celebrating human sacrifice…

Sober-Up Chaser:

OMG! Sign of end times, no doubt…

Watch A Meteor Fly Through The Erupting Turrialba Volcano

2016: The year in pictures


Vandals Tamper With The ‘Hollywood Sign’, Change It To ‘Hollyweed’



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