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The Planned Parenthood Report the MSM Will Not be Covering


Townhall: The Senate Report on Planned Parenthood No One Is Talking About

The Senate Judiciary committee last week published a 500-page report on the practice of abortion clinics profiteering from selling body parts of aborted fetuses.

The committee makes it very clear that although they were prompted to act by the CMP’s famous undercover Planned Parenthood videos, their investigation was completely separate. They relied almost exclusively on documents acquired under subpoena from Planned Parenthood and the businesses doing the actual buying and selling.

And they were doing a lot of buying and selling.

The law is very, very clear – it is illegal to make any profit from the body parts of fetuses or indeed any body parts of any human. But the documents subpoenaed from Planned Parenthood and related companies show how the law was completely and willfully ignored.

This was a huge and very, very profitable business.

The report is a window into a very strange and very chilling world of selling baby parts. And in this very creepy world nothing goes to waste…

Oh, and here’s an uplifting detail that would make Josef Mengele tingle…

It might be a small comfort to some to know that in the selling of baby body parts – the disabled are treated equally. In fact they might be more valuable.

Meanwhile, this is the depths this vile creature named Lena Dunham has sank…


WTF? This assertion by pro-abort actress Ellen Barkin is all kinds of wrong


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