The Classless and Graceless Obamas


Democrat pollster, Pat Caddell, expresses disappointment in the Obamas, especially after hearing Michelle’s “hopeless” remarks in her recent Oprah interview.



Via Breitbart:

… “We are watching this ending here. It’s not quite as bad as the Clintons … but the lack of grace, that’s what’s missing here.”


“The Bush people, they had a certain conduct. … George W. Bush kept his mouth shut about Obama forever. What’s Obama doing saying, ‘I’m going to be back here right after vacation. … I need to be in Washington. I need to comment’? Where’s the part where you gracefully leave the stage?”

Additionally, pointing out that, post-election, no one in major media was fired or demoted for getting the election so wrong. “None of them have been fired. Are you kidding?” he said.

“The pollsters who are bad,” he continued, “what are they doing? They’re back with new polls this week.”

Said Caddell, “The media has forgotten that the election even happened. They are giving no ground on anything.”

“It is clear to me now,” added Caddell, “that this war … and it’s going to be a war. President Trump is going to find himself in a constant war with the mainstream media over the issue of who rules America … Do the American people have a right to the sovereignty of their own country, or does the political class have a God-given, inherent right to reign over the rest of us, I suppose?”

And the Obamas have no intention of moving on back to a private life … in Chicago.


They have leased a house in Washington DC for use after they leave the White House in January. This is on top of a house purchased in California…

The Obamas are moving into a nine-bedroom mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington — the posh neighborhood of diplomats and DC old money — while younger daughter Sasha finishes high school at Sidwell Friends. But they have apparently been buying real estate elsewhere, too.

According to sources, the Obamas have purchased a house in Rancho Mirage, Calif., not far from Sunnylands, the former Annenberg estate, which presidents use as a getaway and which is thought of as the unofficial West Coast Camp David.

Rancho Mirage, where Gerald Ford retired, is a top destination for golf — a favorite pastime of President Obama. The local daily newspaper, the Desert Sun, has reported rumors of such a sale for more than a year. But sources say now it’s a done deal.

The Obamas are also said to have bought a holiday getaway in Obama’s childhood home state of Hawaii.

Um, unless they sold their Chicago house and I missed it, this makes 4 multi-million dollar houses for the Obamas. Top 1% of the top 1%, I guess, eh?

Meanwhile, Obama refuses to go silently into that goodbye…

Obama’s advice to Trump: Maybe don’t use executive orders so much … Is that rich or what, coming from the self-appointed emperor?

And never to be outdone in the “SJW” department: Obama announces record wave of pardons, commutations

Obama Delivers 231 Pardons and Commutations, 49 for Firearms Offenses … Proving once again all his demands for more gun laws is not about punishing offenders, but making it impossible for law-abiding Americans to own guns.



2 comments on “The Classless and Graceless Obamas

  1. […] you, these are the same Obamas that have bought/leased 3-4 houses for after he left the White House, one in DC where Valerie Jarrett has moved into without any […]


  2. What is really a shame is that the rest of that interview was charming and graceful. Michelle can be adorable, as when she dances with young people or when she is enthusiastic about talent or Broadway.
    I didn’t want to watch this interview, but I found it nice to watch. The only trouble is she does not believe a lot of the stuff she is saying so charmingly and graciously. Then she had to slip in the now we know what it is not to have hope thingey. At last she was telling the truth as she sees it.


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