It’s Official: Trump Wins Electoral College Votes

Electoral College Vote Seals Trump White House Victory

The Electoral College formalized Donald Trump’s election victory on Monday despite protests around the country to encourage GOP electors to abandon the Republican.

The president-elect easily racked up the 270 electoral votes needed to send him to the White House. Interest in the normally mundane voting process spiked this year as opposition to Trump continues to fester, fueled by Clinton’s success in capturing over 2.6 million more votes than her Republican opponent.

Anti-Trump protesters descended on state capitols throughout the U.S. in a last-ditch effort to persuade so-called “faithless electors” in states Trump won to change their vote. Many of the Republicans casting ballots said they were inundated with calls and emails urging them to dump Trump.

And some electors did break with how their state voted, albeit in unexpected ways. In Washington, a state Clinton won by 16 points, the former secretary of state received just eight of the state’s 12 electoral votes. Colin Powell received three votes and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle received one as part of an effort to promote a candidate other than Trump.

An elector in both Maine and Minnesota attempted to cast a ballot for Bernie Sanders, who unsuccessfully challenged Clinton in the Democratic primary. However state laws requiring electors to follow the statewide vote invalidated both efforts.

Only one Republican elector, Christopher Suprun of Texas, publically pledged not to vote for Trump despite his state heavily favoring the president-elect last month. One other Texas elector also abandoned Trump in the final vote…

After everything these donkey dongs have put Gov. Scott Walker through these last several years, and he still beat them, they still haven’t a clue their era of thuggery is over…

Watch Protestors Erupt During Wisconsin Electoral College Meeting After Trump is Awarded State’s VotesDonald Trump wins Electoral College – as attempts to cause rebellion turn to farce with DEMOCRATS deserting Hillary 

So, Hillary did beat Trump in electors not voting for her/him. Heh:

Four Washington electors don’t vote for Hlllary Clinton

Elector Replaced After Refusing To Vote For Clinton

And MORE liberal insanity:

The electoral college is thwarting our ability to battle global warming



2 comments on “It’s Official: Trump Wins Electoral College Votes

  1. Just kept hearing it in my head late yesterday afternoon as the EC count not only kept coming in for Trump, but the stories of faithless electors voting for anybody but HRC. LOL!


  2. Okay … I’ll bite! What’s with the Elvis at the end?

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