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TWD S7E8: You Got Guts, Man


The Walking Dead’s mid-season 7 winter break episode 8 was titled “Hearts Still Beating”. What does that mean?

Well, if Maggie’s not keeping silent vigil at Glenn’s graveside in The Hilltop she is keeping vigil on the wall. Looking for what or whom we are not exactly sure. During Sunday night’s episode Twitter was abuzz over her wearing of a baseball cap, much like Glenn had for several seasons.

Perhaps it was a ‘tip-of-the-hat’ to the deceased beloved character. But what we do know is The Hilltop people are becoming quite fond, and protective, of the expecting mother ever since she lead the assault on the midnight invasion of Walkers into the village.


Over at The Kingdom, one of Ezekiel’s knights approaches Carol and Morgan in hopes of getting them to convince the king that they need to attack The Saviors and Negan, or the serfdom torture will never end. Morgan and Carol agree the terrorism will only escalate, but neither want to be involved in an attack on the enclave. He tells them they will be responsible for the blood-loss to come. He leaves, and Carol informs Morgan she doesn’t want to see anyone anymore and to tell anyone who asks him that she left and is gone.


Out on the open road Michonne is taken by the redheaded woman in the car to the outskirts of the Saviors’ sanctuary and realizes how outnumbered they are. The redheaded woman asks Michonne to shoot her and burn the car. Michonne is a bit stunned by the woman’s matter-of-fact, almost wanting, demeanor about asking for death and realizes the Negan worker drone would rather be dead than go on living under Negan’s rule. We assume Michonne did as she asked.


Over at the Saviors factory outlet, Daryl has decided to take advantage of the key slipped to him under his cell door. He wanders about the building, gets into a residential room, has a jar of peanut butter and a change of clothes before heading out to kill one of Negan’s men, bump into Jesus, and take off on a motorcycle. By the way, the tribute to Glenn continued…

Or is it Glenn’s spirit is now with them?


Over at Lake Zombie, Rick and Aaron decide to go for it in the bullet hole-riddled boat in order to get to a canoe in order to get to the boat with all the would be booty— Argggg! They have to battle Walker-bobbers with their makeshift busted board oars. Aaron gets pulled overboard and Rick can’t reach him as the boat is getting scuttle-heavy with all the water it’s taking on. Aaron goes under for a bit, and just when Rick is about to consider him dead he bobs to the surface and shouts he’s okay. They get in the canoe and get to the main boat. Aboard they find a load of whatnots with a handwritten note informing them they may have won, upon getting to the boat, but they’re still fucked.

When the two men get back to Alexandria they discover Negan’s hoard is there waiting. As the thugs rifle through the loot Rick and Aaron brought they find the hand written note and think Aaron wrote it for them. Not believing him they began beating the shit out of him as Rick helplessly watches.


Back at Alexandria, Negan whipped up an Olive Garden special and is sitting down to dinner with Carl, Olivia and baby Judith. He gets tired waiting for Rick and starts eating. While he’s enjoying his meal, across the way Spencer has returned with his magnificent haul to surrender to Negan’s clan, and is getting himself cleaned up for an evening out. He takes a half-empty bottle of booze over to Rick’s house and sits with Negan on the porch. They drag a pool table out into the street and are having a game when Spencer turns the casual conversation into his idea about taking over Alexandria from Rick. Negan isn’t impressed, and is actually pissed at the guy’s course of conversation, telling him he had no guts … Then Negan slashes open Spencer’s abdomen and his guts tumble out. When he falls to the ground Negan admits Spencer did have guts after all.


This whole scene pushes Rosita over the edge. She pulls out her gun and shoots her one bullet at Negan, hitting his bat instead. Somehow Negan realizes from the empty shell it was a homemade bullet. Rosita tells him she made it, but Negan doesn’t believe her. He has one of his thugs cut her face. Tara steps forward and says she made the bullet, but Eugene pipes-up and proves he made it by rattling off his method. Negan believes him.


But Negan is still really pissed at the near miss and the damage to “Lucille” and tells his people he wants somebody shot. The female thug who cut Rosita’s face turns her gun to the porch where Carl and Olivia are standing and Olivia is shot in the face.


But here comes Rick to find the remains of Spencer on the street in front of his house, Olivia now dead, and Rosita’s face disfigured. Negan informs Rick of Carl’s failed mission into his sanctuary, and the rest of the soap opera that resulted in two deaths, Rosita’s bogeyed face, and his claiming and taking of Eugene, and then leaves.


Michonne returns to find Rick hiding out in Morgan’s jail cell. She tells him they haven’t died yet, and that they have to live. In order to live they are going to have to fight. You know she is recalling the hopelessness she saw in the redheaded woman in the car and refuses to fall into that bottomless pit of silent agony. He agrees.

We’re getting the band back together, man!

Rick, Michonne, Carl, Rosita, Tara and others arrive at The Hilltop. Maggie is relieved to see them. He tells her she was right. It’s time to fight. He looks past her and sees Daryl coming around the corner of the nearby building. The two embrace and cry. Daryl had discovered Rick’s sheriff gun on the guy he killed back at the sanctuary. He returned it to Rick putting into motion the coming war with Negan…

It’s on.

And it’s about fucking time.

Rise Up!

Oh, and then there’s that pair of soggy boots that followed Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria from Lake Zombie…

Sidebar: Me thinks, with Tara standing near the gun return, that there may be a trek back to the sand-filled bridge to scavenge the bullets she saw there before the hill collapsed to reveal the sand walkers. This might lead to the seaside group joining Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom in the battle to defeat Negan and the Saviors. Don’t forget, they have an arsenal.


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