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Not Easy Being a Democrat in the Floundering “Progressive” Era

Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA ops officer and member of the Democratic Party, and is a contributor to FOX News…

… With Clinton’s embrace of an electoral recount, it is clear that she cannot accept defeat with grace, nor does she hold our nation in the same regard as Tilden or Lee. That means my fellow Americans – and especially my fellow Democrats – must stand up to her hubris. We must make clear that we offer no excuses for our loss. We will not chase the ghosts of foreign hackers. We won’t be fooled by FBI conspiracies, blame bad campaign staff, whine about false Facebook posts, or blame mobs of deplorables.

No, we realize that we lost because the nation wanted change and our candidate was too flawed and untrustworthy to carry that mantle.

And so we will work with President-elect Trump to make America great again. When his solutions make sense, he will have our vote. When he loses his way, we will hold him accountable. In short, we will be a faithful opposition; we will offer better solutions. That is how America works, even if it’s not the America that Hillary Clinton wants us to be.


The five essential reasons Hillary lost (no, she can’t blame Comey)


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