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POTD: Colin Does Love Being On The Ground


Well, since Colin loved being on the ground so much, fitting he got taken there by this fella…

Just short days before Fidel Castro finally kicked the bucket and went to Hell, San Francisco 49ers highly politicized, smart-assed, dumb-ass QB Colin Kaerpernick made himself even more stupid by wearing a Castro T-shirt and singing the praises of the murderous communist dictator. This pissed-off Cuban-Americans in Miami so much so that yesterday when he entered Dolphin’s house the booing shook the stadium.

Yesterday’s game between the 49ers and Dolphins was close, and it looked as if the 49er’s shit-head QB might get them tied up for OT. That is, until…

Stephen Kruiser @ Facebook: #47 is Kiko Alonso, whose father was born in Cuba. Here he is “helping” the Castro-loving Colin Kaepernick stay down on the final play of the game, stopping the Fidel fanboi on the 2 yard line as he was trying to score and potentially send the game into overtime. The #DeadCastro party continues.

Seems the only thing this guy can throw is bullshit…


MORE: Kiko Alonso turns ‘bad blood’ for Colin Kaepernick into great performance


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