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Just Don’t Call It a Terrorist Attack


In the last year ISIS has sent out the word/instructions to its many cells across the globe, especially in the West, to use vehicles and knives to carry out random attacks in the USA and abroad. That was obeyed today on the campus of The Ohio State University as a Somali ‘refugee’ student plowed his vehicle into pedestrians on an OSU sidewalk, and then jumped out of the vehicle to begin stabbing anyone he could reach with a butcher’s knife. He was stopped when an OSU campus police officer shot him dead. The terrorist’s motive was “not enough Muslim prayer rooms” on campus.”

Aside from the KIA terrorist thug nine people where sent to area hospitals. The university was on lock down for hours until the situation had been brought under control.

Suspect Identified in Ohio State Attack as Abdul Razaq Ali Artan

But will nobody stand up and call it what it is, or are we going to once again listen to the politicians and media insist we are not seeing what we think we’re seeing?

FLASHBACK: 3 OSU Students Accused Of Joining Islamic State In May…


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