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TWD S7E4: Dots and Dashes


Just realized I neglected posting about the most recent The Walking Dead S7E4: “Service” that aired last Sunday night. A mix of post-election dust-up, my family’s bout of stomach flu, and the fact that even amid all the violence and tension of the zombie vs post-apocalypse societal plagues I am actually beginning to find this series turning mundane. And so, I’ll make this a bit brief with some power-points I observed.

Negan brings his un-showered posse with Daryl to the gates of Alexandria days ahead of the assumed “week” deadline for the village’s tribute to his fucking awesomeness. He hands Rick his bat ‘to hold’ either as a phallic symbol for his dick or as a dare for Rick to use it on him.


They steal pretty much anything not nailed down from motorcycles to food to furniture to decor to beds and mattresses. Negan also decides not only will he be confiscating and banning all weapons of firing capabilities (this after Carl pulls a gun on his men when they try to take the supply of baby food) but will kill the village’s book-keeper if two lost guns are not found ASAP. Oh, and one of his slimy thugs made some not too subtle sexual moves on Enid and her handful of non-inflated green balloons she and Glenn had shared.

Even more not too subtle sexual moves is the continuing male-on-male dirty-talk and pornographic innuendo Negan keeps muttering in Rick’s ear and it typically involves where he just imagined he’s inserted his dick into the one-time sheriff. You know, one of my revenge scenarios involves Negan’s wired bat shoved up his own ass and then down his throat.

Anyway, I was struck by Negan’s slight surprise upon coming face-to-face with Fr. Gabriel. What was that about? More Negan troubled childhood hints of possible sexual abuse at the hands of a priest? The head-masher seemed a bit bopped-off-center for a brief moment. Gabriel has a prepared alibi for where Maggie is when he hears Negan pondering hooking up with the widow…

Fr. Gabriel had a fake grave dug for Maggie. Negan buys the story. Just a little worried when The Saviors head on over to The Hilltop settlement and possibly see her there. Also pondering Fr. Gabe’s role in a Negan demise.

So, anyway, who’s the bigger dick? The ever fucker-upper and selfish hoarder Spencer or the self-appointed killer ass-clown with corked bat Negan?


Bedless, Rick’s gang resigns themselves to sleeping on the hard floors. The viewers assume all the confiscated materials taken by Negan and fellow beasts from Alexandria will be put to use, but Michonne soon discovers the pile of mattresses smoking and smoldering alongside the road while she is out hunting…


She’s pissed. But that is where viewers need to understand the totalitarian communist ideology of Negan. Maybe he doesn’t really need or want what you have … It’s just that he will not allow you to have it, unless he himself grants it to you.

The biggest fan base conspiracy from E4 is that Daryl and Rick were communicating past Negan’s smirks and one-liners with Vietnam POW-like eye blinks of Morse Code. This is based in the silence between the two but the eye contact on both sides of Daryl’s long greasy bangs … and the Morse Code poster “Easter Egg” in one part of the episode’s opening scene…


People are saying the code translates to: “6 miles from Hilltop”


This would mean Daryl will pull a Carol and morph into a submissive worker bee for Negan while being a spy on the inside.

Negan informs Rick they’ll be back soon, and Alexandria had better have something “interesting” or more people are going to be made into head cheese jam by Lucille.

Hmmm, what would you be looking for?

My thoughts are that Rick and Co. will fall short or disappoint and Negan will do his filthy work again. BTW, what was the use of Morgan learning about cheese-making from the Kung Fu dude in the woods? With The Kingdom’s ham some organic cheese might give Negan nice ham and cheese addition to his diet.

My fear is it will involve one of Rick’s children. Negan could decide to take Carl, and Rick will not be able to go all jugular on the bastard. Or, because Rick made a point of telling Michonne about Judith’s paternity, that Negan will want the baby girl. This would bring together Michonne’s maternal attachment to Judith and the fact she witnessed what Negan did the last time he dragged off possessions from Alexandria. Will Michonne make an attempt to stop the sicko’s abducting of her? How would that end? From what I understand, in the books Rick’s wife Lori and the baby were killed by The Governor. Since the TV scripts and storylines are detached from the comics and elements are given a different timeline and/or angle if used there might be a chance Judith will be killed. Meanwhile, I came across this:

Is Carl Leaving The Walking Dead? Cryptic Post Concerns Fans

This Sunday’s TWD S7E5: “Go Getters” sneak-preview takes us to the Hilltop where Maggie and Sasha are now staying and hiding and The Saviors come calling and collecting:

Oh And: No, Trump is not Negan. Seriously, disgruntled, pants-peeing left? Go fork yourselves.


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