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Trump Picks…

We are still little over two months away from the Trump Inauguration. Granted, he should have his administration’s cabinet heads and upper staffs ready to go, but a lot of damage was done these last eight years.

Nothing is written in stone at this point but this looks to be Pres-Elect Donald Trump’s choices for some of the key cabinet positions:

Latest Trump appointments:

– AG to Jeff Sessions
– CIA director to Mike Pompeo
– nat sec adviser to Mike Flynn

‘Trustworthy source’ NBC – We Love to edit and Make Shit Up – cites its ‘source’: Romney and Trump to discuss secretary of state position, NBC source says

I’m of 2 thoughts here…

1. Especially after Hillary we need John Bolton at the head of the State Department.

2. To Mitt Romney’s credit, pretty much everything he said in his 2012 bid regarding foreign policy, which Obama made a ‘throwback’ joke about, has come to fruition as he said.

3. ISIS is watching.

Trump team talking to Sen. Moran for Agriculture secretary

Want to drain the swamp? Nominate Tim Huelskamp for secretary of agriculture


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