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Those People “That We Don’t Normally Think Of…”

About sums up the minuscule liberal coastal region(s) attitude about the massive rest of the nation, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not called “fly-over country” for nothing. These two armpits of this big country are seriously sweating profusely since election night…


“Trump voters have become journalism’s biggest archaeological excavation site.” – Daniel Henninger (WSJ – Pay side)

However, it is not exactly a real poli-sci study of the newly uncovered site. No, it will not be a study in how the population lives, thinks, and dies in the this region. How “We the bulk of the people” have to live with the bullshit legislations, piled-on redundant and unenforced existing laws and oppressing regulations that come out of the convulsing wannabe centralized government the armpits love to feed and grow. This area is being approached as a vast wasteland of the racist, sexist, uneducated, ignorant, selfish, unsophisticated, Bible-thumping, knuckle-dragging unwashed … not a learning experience for the pop culture lefty overlords that have run this country’s moral into the ground and smashed it with their spiked heals, as Kurt Schlichter notes:

The Democrats Won’t Autopsy Their Own Corpse

The Democrats already know the cause of their utter electoral humiliation: all those flyover people who had voted for Obama last time were actually racists who demonstrated their racism by not voting for the tired old white lady too.

Far be it for me to help out you terrible Democrat clowns by suggesting that your terrible party has a terrible problem and you might want to figure out how to fix it. Sure, Hillary did get a lot of votes. Maybe even a majority of votes. And, considering we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic, of equal relevance is the fact that I own a hat.

You lost. And it’s because you suck.

Now, you and rest of the unshaven she-beasts and spindly femboys could take this opportunity for reflection and introspection following the election instead of retreating to your campus safe spaces for vegan cookies and awkward hugs. You could try to figure out where you went wrong losing so many voters who you used to have sewn up. The idea is to figure out how you might be able to prevent similar results in the future. Some call it a “post-event analysis.” In the Army – for the goatee n’ scarf gang, that’s the one that fights on the ground – we call it an “after action review.” Coroners call it an “autopsy.”

And you’ll never, ever do it. Why? Because you are liberals and you already have your answers.

Everyone is racist.

Everyone is sexist.

Everyone is stupid.


No, you can’t identify and fix your cheesy party’s problems because your ridiculous ideology already compels your conclusions. Why bother assembling and analyzing the facts when you know what the answer will be, what it must be: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and whatever other faux-phobias that come slinking out of academia to give you an excuse to hector and nag normal people. […]

WAAAAAY too detailed and would be unfair to copy/paste so much brilliance without letting him get the link-clicks, so, go.

And to some severely rashed-over-butt-burned assholes a land where the people are nothing more than pesky vermin deserving of extermination, and not by humane methods…


Wow, sounding a bit like a really great recruit for ISIS there, dude.

And there’s this institution of higher education “professor” asshole:

Rutgers ‘Beyoncé Professor’ Taken to Psychiatric Ward After Unhinged Trump Rant on Twitter

These folks have some serious questions to ask themselves about themselves. They are completely oblivious this election was not just a rebuke to the “progressive” agenda, but to the insolent ‘news’ MSM and the celebrity class who have treated the American people like livestock to be cattle-prodded into doing their political bidding. Done. Over. They lost YUGE power over the people on election night and they just cannot handle that…

Maybe they should understand where all their food and crap they depend on so much in their elitist daily lives comes from, eh? I mean, they for far too long have treated the ‘between the coasts’ region of this nation the way “The Capitol” city citizens viewed/treated “The Districts” in The Hunger Games.

Yep, this election cycle has been key in exposing a lot of mentally ill people in the entertainment/MSM/academic industries in those two armpit areas of the nation…


Anguished by Trump, Lena Dunham Flees to Posh Arizona Resort, Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’

She does seem to have a very unhealthy relationship with rocks and pebbles. Hopefully her younger sister isn’t with her. It could be rather painful for her.

CONFIRMED: Paul Krugman won’t come to grips with the election results any time soon

3 Charts That Show the Clear Message Republicans Sent America in State Elections This Year

Get over yourself, SWEETIE! Vox and Leftist ‘womyn’ CONTINUE to shame women who voted for Trump

KABLOOEY! Newt Gingrich WRECKS the New York Times, asks them 7 questions they can’t (WON’T) answer


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