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The Liberal Answer to Their Failed 2016 Election…

… Abort those future liberal/democrat voters.

John Oliver Tells Audience: In Wake of Trump Win, Donate to Planned Parenthood

Katy Perry reveals some specifics of her revolution, starting with a donation to Planned Parenthood

People are donating to Planned Parenthood as Mike Pence

The left really is terminally myopic in their ideological bubble filled with their own deadly flatulence. The stupid … It leaves a YUGE mark.

Guess the-fuck-what?

Those of us who insist Planned Parenthood should NOT get tax dollars from federal/state/local government have been telling these unborn baby-hungry liberals to dig into their own pockets and send it to the butchers themselves. So, have-at-it!

Meanwhile, how the left/democrats plan to win back voters:

Where are all the white women??!!??

Democrat Strategist Makes Fun of the White Guy Beat Up During the Anti-Trump Protests

Next the left will say the black/minority Trump voters just want to be ‘house n*****s’ and put back in chains, or something. Pathetic. And speaking of the soft bigotry of low-expectations

Early voting (weeks ahead) not enough? Absentee ballots not enough? Now it is being implied the poor/minority voters are far too lazy and unmotivated to stand in line? W-W-W-WOW!!!

Return to the celebrity pop culture well, I guess…

LOSERS: What House Dems are doing RIGHT NOW is pathetic; Proves they don’t get why Trump won

And this…


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