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Hysteria: 2016 Election Post-Op and Fallout


It wasn’t just Hillary’s blinding failures and massive wrongdoing(s) that were her downfall in this election. It was the fact she represented an extension of Barack Obama and his crushing eight year administration of even bigger failures of her own, and un-Constitutional bad habits…

Sultan Knish: The Obama Era is Over

Obama and his supporters loved talking about history. His victory was historic. They were on the right side of history. History was an inevitable arc that bent their way.

The tidal force of demographics had made the old America irrelevant. Any progressive policy agenda was now possible because we were no longer America. We Were Obamerica. A hip, happening place full of smiling gay couples, Muslim women in hijabs and transgender actors. We were all going to live in a New York City coffee house and work at Green Jobs and live in the post-national future.

The past was gone. We were falling into the gorgeous wonderful future of dot com instant deliveries and outsourced everything. We would become more tolerant and guilty. The future was Amazon and Disney. It was hot and cold running social justice. The Bill of Rights was done. Ending the First and Second Amendments was just a clever campaign away. Narratives on news sites drove everything.

Presidents were elected by Saturday Night Live skits. John Oliver, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee were our journalists. Safe spaces were everywhere and you better watch your microaggressions, buddy. No more coal would be mined. No more anything would be made. The end of men was here. The end of the dead white men of the literary canon. The end of white people. The end of binary gender and marriage. The end of reason. The end of art. The end of 2 + 2 equaling 4. This was Common Core time. It was time to pardon an endless line of drug dealers. To kill cops and praise criminals. To be forced to buy worthless health insurance for wealth redistribution to those who voted their way to wealth.

This was Obama’s America. And there was no going back. We were rushing through endless goal posts of social transformation. The military fell. Then the police. Now it looks as quaint as anything from the 50s, the 70s or the 80s. A brief moment of foolishness that already appears odd and awkward. And then one day nostalgic. It wasn’t the future. It’s already the past. It’s history.

Scalia died. Hillary Clinton was bound to win. And she would define the Supreme Court. Downticket races would give her a friendly Senate. And then perhaps the House.

But there is no right side of history. There is only the side we choose.

The Obama era was permanent. It was history. Now it is history.

Its shocking ascendancy has been paired with an equally shocking descent. The Obama era is done. It’s gone. It’s over. It was wiped from the pages of history in one night that left Congress and the White House in Republican hands.

The Donald Trump victory is not being addressed for its historical achievements but is being viewed as some anomaly. The exact opposite is true here. The Founding Fathers never intended our leaders to be self-serving career politicians. They wanted the productive members of our society to seek the job(s) of governing with the consent of the governed. The Founding Fathers never intended for their foundation for this republic to be chipped away at until it crumbled and was replaced with something extremely contrary to it. And for all the bloviating this election cycle from the Hillary side that Donald Trump was “not qualified” to run for and become POTUS, he met every simple qualification as laid out in the US Constitution, including age and citizenship.

As for “experience” Hillary’s has been an adult lifelong career in politics at some level or another. The fact remains that Barack Obama’s “experience” was with running for political office and being the much glorified “community organizer” in Chicago where that alleged legacy is non-existent with poverty, poor education, and a high murder rate. Feeling and seeing the results of these lame policies the bulk of the American people were beyond sick and tired of the Ivy league faculty lounge lizards whose anything but the representative republic and flip this sucker into a “Progressive” ideal democracy paid for by middle class taxpayers have become crushing to household budgets and the US economy on whole.

The American people were not outraged by Trump’s success as a wealthy businessman, nor his typical ups and downs in the process. And they were not upset by his following existing tax laws in order to run his empire. Any penny he earned or lost was his own. Obama has basically been handed everything in his adult life as he climbed the ladder of his narcissist dream of totalitarian rule over this country’s citizens he blames and bemoans are the direct perpetrators or catalysts for everything wrong that has ever happened in the world since the founding of this nation. And Hillary has spent the last couple decades pimping herself and her husband out for way overpriced speaking fees and consulting charms, and then selling access to this government via her family money laundry of a charitable foundation when last she did have power in this government. Very little jobs were created by the Clintons where a worker didn’t have an expense account tied to it.

It is clear many voters took all these things into great account when they made their final decision in the voting booth last Tuesday. And then there was the cherry-on-top with voters understanding exactly how/what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama felt about the American people who doubt and disagree with them and their policies. Hillary called over a quarter of the nation “deplorables” who are hateful and irredeemable ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, ‘Islamophobes’, ‘sexists’, and whatever else gave the multi-million dollar limo-lib elites at the Streisand gathering an exhilarating tingle in their pants and wallets.

Barack Obama, in the waning days of the Hillary campaign, attempted to crack a whip (yes, I intentionally used that term) and bully African-Americans to vote for Hillary … Not because she was going to be good for the nation and all the citizens in it, but they themselves would be directly responsible for “insulting” and ruining his “legacy” if they didn’t vote for her. Which, by the way, confirms Hillary’s agenda followed the path of Obama’s … which more than half the voters in this nation have roundly rejected given Tuesday’s election results.

But in the after glow of the “deplorable” nuking of the “Progressive” path for this republic we see the violent-minded mutants have taken to the streets in well-funded, planned, implemented protest theater:

Soros Prepares For Trump War

Blocks Of Anti-Trump Protest Buses Caught On Tape

I imagine we can count on TIME Magazine to name these protesters “Persons of The Year” in their annual serving of such.

Other thinkers share their thoughts and observations of this off-handed political theater we are seeing:

Sean Edwards: Why Your Reaction To The Election May Say More About You Than The Election

The problem isn’t with the system. Even though the system has many problems.

The problem isn’t with Trump. Even though Trump has many problems. The problem isn’t why Hillary lost. Even though there are many reasons she did.

The problem is the faith, the trust, and the hope we place in one individual we think can change the course of our lives.

The problem is the faith, the trust, and the hope we place in one individual we think can change the course of our lives.

There’s a growing concept out there that some are referring to as the “cult of the presidency.”

You see, the president was never meant to be very powerful. He, or she, was merely supposed to execute the laws that Congress enacted (and foreign relations).

Don’t get me wrong, that still gave the president a lot of power. But the president cannot legislate. The president cannot make laws. The president cannot do most of the things that we want the government to do. And the president can’t do 90% of the things they promise they’ll do. They just don’t have the power to do it.

And that is why the founding fathers set up our government this way…

I really believe this stems from the fact that this country has allowed ‘pop culture’ to not only take over our perception of daily life, but has also the celebritization of the American president (which, btw, is the title of a ridiculous movie). I want to say it got a real foothold during the JFK era which coincided with the real burst of the media bullet train in realizing they could sway the American people to buy boxed soaps, cigarettes, and presidents. Since “Camelot” the ideal became a social program-hauling political party that decided selling this nation’s government seats should be like selling boxes of laundry detergent and face cream. And at some point decided to present it to the American people as ‘new and improved’ when the “Progressive” agenda was unveiled in recent years. In doing so they had to completely bury the stark facts about their party’s very stained history, indeed, projecting said stained racist history on their opponents. The MSM decided they could not uphold their designation of unbiased and impartial when addressing the American people, and have used their power to sweep the road ahead of the democrat party’s mission wagon while scooping the poop they leave in their wake. But the primary responsibility to any and all of this lies with the American people. They stupidly and lazily roll with the fashionable fads and buy the ‘pet rock’ candidates promoted by said media, and buy celebrities that can’t even balance their own checkbooks but are ‘so cool’ they gotta be right about politics and government and stuff because they’re talking with us on social media! Yep, this is primarily our fault for falling for bullshit political sales pitches and false advertising, and shyster politicians.

I saw a piece of the Lesley Stahl interview with Pres-Elect Trump from CBS’s “60 Minutes”. Somebody seriously needs to set straight these harpies continually insisting Trump has even the slightest responsibility for calming these mindless paid performers in the streets. Where is Hillary Clinton whose supporters a certain percentage of these street clowns are supposed to be. Where is Barack Obama? Where is AG Loretta Lynch? But to try to lay the premise that Trump is directly responsible for this bullshit in the streets is a false narrative. And to imply Trump supporters are the ones threatening and harassing people is pure crap. Those mobs in the streets carrying signs urging the rape of Mrs. Trump are not Trump supporters. Those people who dragged a Trump voter out of his car and beat him and stole his care were not chanting pro-Trump mantras on their cell phone video. Trump supporters did not show up at Hillary rallies and harass and physically assault her supporters attending. But the MSM insists now that Trump has the direct and singular responsibility for the ongoing street theater of faux outrage and violent threats. I am disappointed Trump even gave this line of Stahl’s prepared propaganda any dignification. Any alleged Trump supporters’ nastiness is nearly insignificant to the onslaught to what we are hearing/seeing in the streets, social media, and within the steaming-insane entertainment community.



SNL Mercilessly Mocks White Hillary Voters Watching the 2016 Election Unfold

COMIC RAGE: Wanda Sykes flips bird to pro-Trump fans booing her anti-Trump monologue

Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans sits out national anthem because Donald Trump won

STORMING TRUMP TOWER: Michael Moore demands meeting with president-elect

NFL wide receiver kneels for National Anthem in protest of Trump election

Homes vandalized with ‘BLM,’ anti-Trump message…

‘I want … !!’ Woman arrested protesting Trump in Ft. Lauderdale has IMMEDIATE demands

The media and the democrats began slicing a division in this country nearly 16 years ago when GWBush beat Gore. The countless and failed FLA recounts didn’t help their warped sense of reality. And Trump having beaten Hillary Clinton when it was assumed she would easily walkaway with the Oval Office last Tuesday has really driven these ‘progressive’ snakes even deeper into their delusional states.

For the last 8 years Barack Obama has been sowing the seedlings of the diseased tree of hate, distrust, racism, identity-politics, negation of personal responsibility, disregard and disrespect for the laws of this nation, insisting we are a “democracy” when the fact is we are a Constitutional representative republic, and never once appearing to be a leader. How many police officers have we lost in the past year? This bloke has never come out to the American people to singularly address the loss of an American police officer without adding a ‘but’ in order to push the false narrative that this nation’s police force is racist. He never addresses terrorist attacks in the world without the ‘but’ loaded unflinching defense of Islam peppered with his disdain for Christianity. Barack Obama has never had any intentions of uniting this nation. His goal from the beginning was to ram our society backward. “White” people who voted for him in 2008 and/or 2012 are now racists because they voted for Trump.
Orwell’s “1984” reads like a fairytale compared to now and the twisted atmosphere trying to crush us all into submission to a horribly warped mentality of right and wrong.

I just watched (again) “The Mortal Storm” this past Saturday. If you’ve not seen the old black and white classic you should add it to your list. What is happening in this country now is beginning to mirror ‘the chill wind’ of fascism in the movie, and it’s not coming from those who voted for Donald Trump. Pit us against each other, even family members. Accept only hive-think. Divide and conquer.


EVIL! Three stooges: Soros, Pelosi and Warren meet with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’

WHOA. Democrats will stop at NOTHING to stop Trump; are they doxing electoral college reps?

Harry Reid Slammed ‘Sexual Predator’ Trump on the Senate Floor. The Backlash Came from a DEMOCRAT…


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