The Age of Trump begins


birdI have thoroughly enjoyed the last four days more than anyone can know. After the seemingly interminable eight long years of embryonic socialist rule under Obama and the Democrats I finally started laughing again. At the Democrats. I have enjoyed the hell out of the misery these pusillanimous cry-baby Democrats have displayed since early Wednesday morning. Without apology. You wanted Hillary? This is the price for her lawlessness, her incompetence, and her hubris. Oh, and Obama’s as well. After all, he fully supported the person who was going to carry on his vile agenda. Oh, and the GOP establishment’s as well. You are a YUGE part of the problem too.

I have participated in every Presidential election since I became a citizen in 1983. I’m proud to say that my first (and proudest) ballot for President was cast for Ronald Reagan in 1984. I voted for G. H. W. Bush in 1988 then for Clinton in 1992. I was incredibly pissed off about Bush’s broken promise on raising taxes and, stupidly, I actually believed Bubba when he said he was a different kind of Democrat. That lie, and my utterly wasted vote, was the greatest political lesson of my life: never, ever trust a Democrat. Ever. In 1996 I voted my conscience and voted for the late Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate. (Today’s “libertarian,” Gary Johnson isn’t worthy to be a hangnail on Harry Browne’s hand.) I voted for G. W. Bush twice, and for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012.

All of the RINOs I have been forced to vote for since 2000 can only wish in hindsight they had a fraction of the excitement in the base over their candidacy as I saw this year for Trump. It was stunning. The 2008 and 2012 elections were outliers, in my opinion: The final gasp of the combined Washington DC political machine that gave us decades of bad policies, shoved gladly down our throats by the two-head hydra of the RINOs and the Dems.

Donald Trump was not my first choice this year. Ted Cruz was, from the very beginning. Trump was never even in my top three. But early in the primaries I began to suspect that this election was very different than past ones I had participated in. It felt like 1980, a ‘movement’ election, an election that had nothing to do with ideology and everything to do with classic unabashed “throw the bums out” Americanism. Trump won the primaries decisively, mastering the other candidates at the debates and persuading a majority of Republicans to support him. Donald Trump represents everything the GOP establishment pretends to be but isn’t. And he had the balls to say what had to be said to everybody’s face, without fear. That was very appealing to a voter base that had had it with an endless parade of lickspittles and establishment hacks that we’ve elected to govern the country.

I voted for him mainly for two reasons.

1. The Supreme Court: A SCOTUS in the hands of Hillary after the three (very) old justices die or retire would GUARANTEE a fatal erosion of our Constitution. SCOTUS is there to provide a check and balance against legislative and executive power. With progressives in charge you can bet the court would change or eliminate fundamental rights we already have and add others that DO NOT EXIST, as has happened in the past. The federal encroachment would continue with WE THE PEOPLE suffering at the hands of bureaucrats for generations.

2. Hillary’s alleged (and thoroughly uninvestigated) crimes: I did not want a POTUS who thought she was above the law and thereby exhibited an utter disregard and CONTEMPT for the law in the execution of her (previous) jobs. The past is prologue.

I don’t know if Trump will keep the promises he’s made, but I think he’s sincere about his desire to fix the problems the country has. And he loves his country. Obama doesn’t. Hillary doesn’t. They just love themselves. Voting for Trump represented a big, fat middle finger (or two) at the GOP establishment’s bullshit stories and their never-ending broken promises. And, of course, it represented a big, fat middle finger (or two) at the Democrats. Everything they touch they turn to shit.

I didn’t want four more years of shit.

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2 comments on “The Age of Trump begins

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  2. I agree 100%. What Clinton, Obama and all the libs have not recognized is that Trump carried the one weapon which would take them all out. He never stopped using it, he continually wielded it, and he never veered from it. THE TRUTH!! That’s like garlic & the cross to a vampire. I have been saying to everybody, they don’t know what they’re up against. They thought I was talking about Trump (albeit he was/is the vessel). But THE TRUTH won. It always does in the end. Ever notice that? Did you ever notice that??


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