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YUGE: TRiUMPhant!!!


Nice to wake the G-kids this morning for school and see them jump out of bed wide awake by just announcing “Wake up. Trump won…”

I texted George last night I was sick, and I was, that I just couldn’t handle the night of results coming in. I fell asleep watching some ridiculous movie which I don’t even recall. But the boss kept texting me ‘encouraging’ reactions to what he was watching coming in.

So then, I crawled out of bed at 6:00am today and went right out to the kitchen to run into my son-in-law Chris who, my daughter tells me, was up ALL night on his iPhone and flipping cable news networks following the coverage of returns. He looked over at me, my hands raised in the old ‘Well what happened?’ manner and said, “He slaughtered her…”

I said, “YES!”

Chris then listed all the states Trump took that were assumed would go to Hillary. I was stunned by PA in particular.

How YUGE was this? Ace of Spades HQ pulled out a 4th “Burning Skull” AND fireworks when a Trump victory became evident when Pennsylvania was called for the GOP candidate. This is YUGE because reports were PA was one of the expected Hillary blue states where voters were reporting major problems in voting machines, in Hillary’s favor of course.

This was the photo daughter Chelsea sent to social media after voting for her mother yesterday…


Well, Chelsea, history was made…

Trump wins presidency, defeats Clinton in historic election upset

Trump spent less money, some of it his own and even less from the RNC/GOP coffers and a lot from private donations. He took on the fucking megaphones that have been ruling and dictating this nation for far too long … Academia. Hollywood. The establishment DC class. MSM. The biggest political machine in the history of this republic, the Clinton machine. Even Wall Street who were also obviously solidly behind Hillary. All things were against Donald Trump, even me at the bulk of the GOP primary. But I pledged to support the last one standing and I have. But Trump surprised me and did not make sticking to that pledge very hard throughout the general election cycle.

And so, when it became undeniable “The Most Qualified Person Ever to have Run for POTUS … and equipped with a vagina” (Hillary Clinton) had not won the election she completely ducked the traditional act of personally coming out on stage to thank all their supporters and campaign workers.

Holy shit. Talk about throwing somebody under the bus…

The cowardly criminal sent John “Heavily Wikileaked” Podesta out to speak to her supporters last night. She ABANDONED you people last night. No backbone. It was never about YOU, silly rabbits.

Hillary Clinton’s Supporters Cry After John Podesta Tells Them She Won’t Speak Tonight

As I see/hear all these limo-lib elites crying and making plans to exit stage left to other countries all I can say is how nice it will be to have all those countless republicans/conservatives who fled the USA under the Obama administration these last 8 yea—- huh? Wait, what? We are all still here? Hmmm….

‘He EXPLOITED them. He HATES people’: Hollywood reacts to President-elect Donald Trump

They are still in deep denial of what exactly just happened…

You’re gonna hear her ROAR: Katy Perry foresees a revolution, details to follow

IT BEGINS: People are using the hashtag #Michelle2020 to urge Michelle Obama to run against President Trump

Hillary Clinton, who refused to personally appear before her supporters last night, did call Donald Trump to concede the election. She is scheduled to formally concede to the nation on TV today at 10:30am…


Enter the MSM excuses for their Hillary’s YUGE loss…

How did pollsters get Trump, Clinton election so wrong?

An Important Post-Election Message About Media Polling…

The morning after THIS is the angle the MSM is taking.
Is this a serious question given:
1. the pollsters are arrogantly establishment
2. the polls were shown, more than once, to have been very skewed for democrats
3. these people really believe we’re stupid

You’ll also be hearing how voters are bigots, racists, and sexist…

Surprise! Cokie Roberts knows why Hillary’s having so much trouble on #ElectionNight (Hint: Rhymes with ‘texism’)

French ambassador to the US says the “world is collapsing” as Donald Trump looks set to become President


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