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The Obama Utopia That Many Fear Will Now Be Erased By Pres. Trump


Don’t get too excited yet. Barry still has a couple months left to fuck-up a Hell of a lot more before he’s done trashing the nation and leaves…

It’s Gloves Off in Obama’s Final Two Months

Executive orders, pardons, ‘midnight’ regulations expected as Obama presidency draws to close

As for the much contemplated Hillary Clinton pardon, a Facebook friend remarks:

Obama should pardon Hillary:
1 – It’ll make him look like an ass forever
2 – It’ll relieve Trump of the dilemma of whether to pursue her. We want her pursued but there are a lot of down side and Trump will look petty and it will look like a distraction. Better to pin her pardon on Obama. Then we can always say she was a crook who skated and that’s what you get from the democrats.

How can Hillary be ‘pardoned’ by Obama if Obama’s FBI and DOJ said, more than once, she didn’t do anything wrong?


Healthcare Stocks Are Crashing As The End Of Obamacare Looms

Obama’s Fiscal Legacy: The President’s luck is about to run out—on his successor’s watch.

Iran once again exceeds a nuclear deal limit -IAEA report

Rand Paul: Congress set for deregulation spree with President-elect Donald Trump


One comment on “The Obama Utopia That Many Fear Will Now Be Erased By Pres. Trump

  1. These are all phenomenal. Thanks.


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