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It’s Not the “Polls”. It’s the Electoral College.


This report of a possible growing revolt within the nation’s Electoral college:

Already One Rogue Elector; But Many More Are Suddenly Possible

Since at least one elector has already publicly announced that he will not vote for the candidate he is pledged to, the door is open wide for other rogue electors – sometimes called “faithless electors” – to likewise not only break their pledges, but perhaps for the first time in history to actually deny the election to the candidate with the most electoral votes.


Robert Satiacum, an elector in Washington State pledged to Hillary Clinton, says he definitely will not cast his electoral vote in the Electoral College for her if she wins his state’s popular vote; a win which appears to be virtually certain given current polling.


EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Gov. Pardons 60,000 Felons, Enough To Swing Election

Appeals court removes restrictions on Ohio partisan poll watchers

“Ohio official: ‘Extremely questionable, if not illegal behavior’ outside polling station”

Gallup: 52% of Voters Say Media Biased in Favor of Clinton; Only 8% Say Media Biased in Favor of Trump

ISIS Calls For Terror Attacks On Voters In U.S. Elections…


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