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Close The Door On This Corrupt Swamp Rat Harpie


Even Green Party candidate Jill Stein warns voting Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office would be hugely nuclear with endless radioactive fallout for the country.

Jeffrey T. Brown @ American Spectator: At Risk Is Nothing Less Than the Right Ever to Resist Again

We have witnessed a series of cultural storms over the last several decades, many of which have altered our landscape. Most have been artificial storms, created and powered by an ideology that seeks complete control over this nation and its future, set in motion to create the chaos in which to implant “progress.” These storms have eradicated our family structures, our nation’s history, our ethical standards, our moral standards, our legal frameworks, our borders, our Constitution, and our discourse.

However, they have been mere precursors to the tsunami that Mrs. Clinton represents. She is the culmination of socialist, fascist Progressivism. She has come to complete the transformation, unless we stop her. We will probably not get another chance.

Subtly but unmistakably, the left have been eroding our ability and our right to object to their ideology, to resist their forced implementation through politics, the courts, entertainment, and the media, all of which is presently under their sway. This social coup has been a long time in the making, and it isn’t going away anytime soon even if Mr. Trump prevails on Tuesday. If Mr. Trump fulfills his potential as not only an obstacle to the left’s victory, but as a vehicle for improvement, there is hope of a counter-revolution, philosophically speaking. If he fails, your right to speak or act against the tide of fascist Progressivism will disappear, likely forever, barring a truly awful and cataclysmic social collapse, which no one should desire.

This overthrow started in small ways, with tactics such as political correctness and the focus upon “feelings” as equivalent to protected rights. In all things done by the left, the goal is to exert control over resistance, to shame and embarrass those who have the sense to know the difference between absurdity and reality.

Political correctness has never been anything more than a method by which to prevent those with sense from revealing the lies to those without it. But look how it has grown and metastasized into a justification for violence and illegality. The left’s irrational hatred for their opponents’ resistance to almost all forms of control has become a justification for physical assaults, for character assassination, and for open lawlessness.

The left’s scope of control has become massive, and it continues to grow. They control the schools, where children are turned into foot soldiers for a future ideological army, whose ability to appreciate truth when it is placed before them is indoctrinated out of them at an early age. Children are taught lies, but in such a way as to quash their curiosity about whether there is any alternative viewpoint by making the sources of such views and the facts that inform them appear bigoted, racist, and hate-filled. The left treats truth as lies and equates lies with morality. The indoctrinated emerge certain in the superiority of their “morality” over those with actual morals and are unable to tell the difference. Leftists control entertainment and media, which has been forever exposed as the consort of leftist government. They increasingly control religion, as so many formerly Christian churches have become mere vehicles for leftist social change.

What all of these have in common is that these social structures are vehicles for the control of thinking and of how well informed the society in which we live will be. As the left assumes greater control over these mechanisms and uses them to implant disinformation and propaganda, our ability to resist diminishes as we have fewer means and opportunities to present the truth about what is being done and what is being lost.

All of this has been mere preparation for what is to come should Mrs. Clinton, with the assistance of illegal votes from countless non-citizens imported for just that purpose, carry this election on Tuesday. Anyone who has paid attention for the last 30 years understands that Mrs. Clinton is the most embittered, defensive, and even psychotic politician we have seen in modern times. Her anger is legendary. Her hatred for her opponents is a matter of pride, about which she has openly bragged. Her paranoia is boundless. She will rule, not govern, and will do so in such a way as to not only punish her enemies, but destroy their ability to ever again rise against her and her followers.


Kurt Schlichter @ Townhall: Stop Hillary

I was not happy to vote for Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton must be stopped. She and her coterie of soft-handed, Chardonnay-sipping fascists are, in equal parts, malignant and stupid, and many of us believe her hate-fueled pogrom against normal Americans will stand a significant chance of leading to real civil conflict. I’ve seen with my own eyes what horror awaits at the bottom of the slippery slope of corruption and oppression, and I’ve warned of it again and again. This dumb woman’s personal psychodramas are poised to fuel a rocket sled ride downward to disaster.

We have to stop her. We have to elect Donald Trump.

How screwed are we when that’s the best case scenario?

I could have chosen not to sully my hands by voting for Trump. I live in California, and my vote is going to be swamped by the ballots of millions of idiots determined to turn the Golden State into a Venezuela with more kale and silicone implants. But I’ve been outspoken that I want Trump to win because of the existential threat of Hillary Clinton, and an Army officer (even a happily retired ones) does not ask others to do what he is unwilling to do. So, since I have asked others to dive into the cesspool by voting for someone with Trump’s myriad character and ideological shortcomings, it’s my obligation to lead the way and vote for a guy who is only marginally more qualified for the presidency than Mayor McCheese.

Follow me.



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