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VOTD: ‘You Are Fascinated with Sex!’

I won’t call it a debate, but Newt Gingrich pretty much let FOX’s Megyn Kelly know he will not be biting, chewing, and swallowing the bullshit premise taco the liberal MSM, which Megyn is looking more and more a part of, is trying to force feed viewers. And Megyn’s ratings are taking a slide because she is pissing off FNC’s conservative viewers who made her a star. She just looks and sounds like a smarmy lawyer hack here. You can see in her face and eyes she knows she’s stepped in it, but just doesn’t understand, or is too stubborn, she needs to stop.

Oh, and this bullshit about ,”Oh, Bill Clinton isn’t running for POTUS, you know, so his sexual predator history is irrelevant” ain’t cutting it. Bill committed his sexual assaults and pursuits while in seats of power, and Hillary not only dismissed it but covered it up by intimidating his victims.

And I cannot believe she makes no bones about insisting on citing the polls, even when so much has come out this past week or two alone about how untrustworthy and contrived the polls really are.

And it may only get far worse at the only truly balanced news network on American TV if this happens: Top Media Reporter Hints Murdochs Could Tap CNN’s Zucker to Run Fox News

Just fucking great.


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