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TUS Self-Imposed Limbo: Not Your ‘Day After’ The Walking Dead Spoiler Post


Let me just say I hope this character doesn’t last past the typically split season (7). I cannot stomach this bastard. As much as The Governor was a son of a bitch, we knew the guy had some underlying mental issues that were never revealed to us, outside his cloistering away and lovingly interacting with his young daughter who had turned “walker”. Negan, well, this evil egotistical, power-junked fucker makes The Governor look like a Boy Scout.


Well, maybe not a Boy Scout. Maybe Scut Farkus … Only I want Negan to get it far fucking bigger than some mousy “four-eyed” pussy kid sucker punching him bloody in a snow drift…


No, that mighta-woulda been fitting for The Governor. No, I want payback to be a cold, hard bitch to Negan, and Lucille. Even worse than this sick little fuck Ramsay Bolton got it in Game of Thrones


Yes, I will be posting my thoughts on last night’s The Walking Dead season 7 opener most probably tomorrow. I want to make sure to give a good 24+ hours for anyone who didn’t see it in real time Sunday night to watch on their DVRs and not spoil it. Second, and probably most possibly, I just need a little more time to, well…


Remember that Negan henchman and his advice? Yeah.

Anyhow, this was seriously literally me last night texting with my daughter and with TUS boss George while watching TWD’s broadcast…



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