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Not Before My Morning Coffee: 10-21-16


Good Morning, Fellow Spectators!

Gloomy day here in NEOhio. But my Cleveland Indians are in the World Series! Wa-Hooooo! Go, Tribe!

Here are some headlines you need to dig deeper into … Or not. Just let the cow chips fall where they may…


Police: Man in custody, charged with terrorism after calling in bomb threat to GOP headquarters

Not Hillary because she doesn’t fall under the same laws as the rest of us

WSJ: Ex-NSA Contractor Stole at Least 500 Million Pages of Records and Secrets, U.S. Says: The Justice Department outlines details of the probe, says it will likely charge Harold Martin with additional crimes … On a side note: You do realize one of the primary goals of ObamaCare/gov-run-single-payer is to get EVERYONE’S every detailed medical records on one massive federal government data base. When somebody sounds the alarm on that thought, we are told, ‘you’re just paranoid … nobody, not even the government, would ever violate you via that information … ever, you anti-government fear-mongers!’

RCP: Wynn: Printing Money Degrades Living Standard, Causes Anger; Healthcare Goes Up, Product Doesn’t Get Better

Politico: WikiLeaks poisons Hillary’s relationship with left: After learning how Clinton feels about them, liberals vow to push back against her agenda and appointments.

FPM: THE LEFT IN POWER: CLINTON TO OBAMA: How the Democrats became a leftwing party.

Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world

WND: AN ESTABLISHMENT IN PANIC: Pat Buchanan: Ruling class fears the people won’t accept its political legitimacy

Breitbart: Cokie Roberts: Without Trump Women Stories, ‘We Would Have Otherwise Had a Lot of Stories’ About Clinton and WikiLeaks … So she admits her own biased MSM used the Trump bullshit to cover Hillary’s wrongdoing.

Lifezette: Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors from Medicare: New law’s success or failure will ‘profoundly influence the future of the U.S. health care system’ … Obama, why do you hate doctors? Is it because you are too fucking stupid to be one?

Camera cuts away as Hillary starts to descend stairs without railing

CLINTON PRESS SECRETARY CAUGHT ON CAMERA PLANTING SOFTBALL QUESTION WITH REPORTER: Footage underscores Trump’s claim that media is helping to rig the election

Did Andrea Mitchell Get A Question Straight From Hillary’s Spokesman?

EXCLUSIVE: Is CIA censoring jailed contractor’s explosive book to protect Clinton? Veteran jailed for killings in Pakistan claims agency obstructed memoir of ‘mini-Benghazi’

Creepy-assed World via Drudge Report:

Exorcist arrested for sex abuse during rituals…

Woman with skull on stick leads police to body…


GRINDR date ‘grated victim’s flesh and ate it with chopsticks’…

‘Dissolved in bath of acid’…

UPDATE: Hollywood Doctors Now Injecting Male Testicles…

Procedure to Remove ‘Selfie Chin’ on Rise…

This morning’s NBMMC post brought to you by the non-funny eye-opening truth…

TGIF, Spectators!!!


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