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Coinky-Dink: Wikileaks Dumps Load of Obama Emails and Internet Gets ‘Cyber-Attacked’ – UPDATED


Nothing to see here.
Move along…

WikiLeaks Just Released ‘First Batch’ of Obama Emails from His ‘Secret Address’

WikiLeaks publishes list of Obama emails, reveals his address

WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy: Acting DNC chair says ‘people are more in despair about how things are’

Twitter, Spotify and Reddit are among major sites taken OFFLINE in massive shock cyber attack

Sites across the internet suffer outage after cyberattack



Conflicts of interest? Bill & Hillary got ’em! #PodestaEmails show Clinton aide counting the ways

Beware of lapdog! Brit Hume spots jaw-dropping hackery in WaPo ‘puff piece’ about #PodestaEmails

Abedin implicated Clinton in foundation trade-off with Morocco amid $12 million commitment

Top Bill Clinton aide criticized ex-president for conflicts of interest, emails show

BENGHAZI CONNECTION: Email at center of ‘quid pro quo’ scandal included terror attack intel

WikiLeaks has an October surprise for Tim Kaine, Donna Brazile

Talk about DEPLORABLE! #PodestaEmails14 expose Donna Brazile as a two-faced PUPPET

Heavily armed ‘police’ outside Ecuadorian Embassy…



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