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Debate #3: Wearing White After Labor Day is Still a ‘No-No’


I will admit, I could not sit through another Hillary “pivoting” and bullshit-shoveling and Trump doggy paddling. Like most people I am beyond blood pressured out. I have even had to distance myself from the election, and even the news, a bit over the last week or so because I just am a nervous wreck. Anyhow…

There was a debate.

Winner? Debate moderator Chris Wallace of FOX News Channel. He was fair and balanced in asking equally tough questions of both candidate, while stepping back and actually allowing ‘debate’ back-and-forth.

The also rans once again did not shake hands (cold and flu season, you know, and with Hillary’s questionable medical issues… well, you know).

Trump had the edge with staying best on the issues and actual answers to the questions, but as always with him could have done better. And most post-debate polls show him with a slight advantage.

Hillary did better with professionally applying the shit Shinola on her already bullshit-stuffed record, and her planned agenda for our country. With serious lingering questions about the woman’s physical mobility, she has no problems with her verbal mobility to “pivot” away from answering a pointed question and deflecting attention in a totally different direction. Perhaps she would make a good intersection traffic cop. She could basically just stand still and blow her shrill whistle, or voice, and angrily point and wave the cars into crashes and wrong-ways, and then blame the car manufacturers.

Why white, Hillary?
Do you presume to portray yourself as the good guy, something typically done with a white cowboy hat, to the black-suited (see: black hat bad guy) bad guy.

Or is it your handlers’ way of presenting you as pure and clean as the wind-driven snow, amid these last couple weeks of undeniably filthy dirty Wikileaks revelations to the complete contrary. Was your federal prison orange pantsuit at the cleaners? Because you looked more like the sterile and dangerous resting bitch face…


Or a bag of useless, stale, stuck together marshmallows.

Hillary doesn’t believe ‘anchor children’ should be ripped from the wombs of their illegal alien families who would be deported. But she has no problem ripping them from the actual womb.

EVIL: Hillary Clinton exposed herself as extreme fringe at debate; S.E. Cupp nails how

Most of America doesn’t support it either. That’s why the MSM not only didn’t cover the abortionist Gosnell’s trial, but buried it.


Trump Gets Under Clinton’s Skin During Debate by Making Her Defend Late-Term Abortion — It Gets Graphic

Here’s the full third debate, if you care to watch or revisit…


Frank Luntz focus group finds Trump’s top debate moment was on the ‘missing’ $6 billion at the State Dept.

Cake, and eat it too: Hillary thinks she could strike a deal with Russia, the country she accuses of propping up Donald Trump

Tweet of the night: Stephen Hayes marvels at Hillary’s ‘audacity’ in doing this at #debate

Oh… Okay, ABC News, feh…

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